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  Darcro 08:18 12 Nov 2009

I purchased a pc from pc world 6 years ago and its been absolutely brilliant, ive never had a thing go wrong with it until yesterday. I took the tower into the store in Boston, Lincs to have extra memory installed by there tec guys. I switched it back on this morning to find out that my cd drives were missing, so i took it back to the tec guys this morning and they told me an internal wire had been loosened whilst loading the new memory in yesterday, they opened it up again today and told me they had corrected the problem so i took the tower back home and plugged it back in to find my screen was now not working. Once again i went back to pc world with tower and screen, the tec guys tested both and said my screen had blown due to a power surge which they was quite common ??? I ve since spoken with a local repairer about the matter and he seems think the tec guys should have owned up and admitted they damaged the inside of the tower yesterday, probably causing the surge today. I know my pc is 6 years old but im not a regular user and its always been caringly looked after, hence never having any problems with it (until yesterday). The tec guys very rudely offered me a £10 discount on a new £100 screen this afternoon. Can anyone tell me how i stand with this matter, please ????????

  birdface 09:14 12 Nov 2009

Have you got another monitor or borrow one just to make sure that is what the problem is.
Just a matter of interest how much did they charge for for updating the memory for you.

  john bunyan 09:15 12 Nov 2009

Although I am not fully up to date on this, The Sale of Goods Act (Goods to be of description, satisfactory quality etc) is shadowed by the Supply of Services Act, This is similar in that the service must be "satisfactory" etc. You will have to look uo the detail. I would have thought that if you can find a local "expert" who will give you an official opinion that the Tech Guys action caused the problem, you would have a strong case. I suggest you talk to your local Trading Standards for advice, and speak to the manager of PC World, and confirm in writing that you believe ths repair was unsatisfactory, and suggest they replace your monitor. You can get stronger when you have the expert view, and as a final resort the small claims court is an option

  Darcro 10:08 12 Nov 2009

Yes i have a good friend who has lent me a monitor for a few days til i get sorted out, thankfully. I paid pc world the sum of £59-98 for 1GB of memory & installation, a little confusing because the sign in pc worlds Boston store said memory upgrade £14-95 ??? I would have got a better deal from my local repairer im now told. Im not really bothered about paying nearly £60 for the memory upgrade beacuse the pc has not had a single penny spent on it in the six years, like i said its been fantastic. What bothers me is the lack of respect shown by the so called tec guys & their failure to accept responsiblilty for an human error. I run my own small business so i fully understand how customer service should work. I took a perfectly good pc into pc world and ended up with a broken one through no fault of my own. Thanks for your advice so far guys, i will get a report from a local repairer & contact the Trading Standards ASAP, which person at pc world head office can i contact regarding this matter, please ??? Thanks again for your comments guys (and i dont mean tec guys :-()

  harps1h 10:20 12 Nov 2009

if you end up oing to get a new monitor, i would certainly not get it from pc world. where i am a bit confused is where you got the power surge from. i never in all my 12 years of computing seen a screen blow from one and i have been building my own. i am sure it could happen but where i would be interested is how they could have caused it?

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