hello? what is this title section

  joe smith 2 13:02 10 Apr 2018

this forum is confusing and there dont seem to be that many people posting- is there a better more frequented forum for consumer advice other than this and MSE?

  beeuuem~2 13:36 10 Apr 2018

Many of the commonly asked questions will be in the forum and the answers can be found with a search.

If you have a specific question why not post it and see what response you it receive?

  Forum Editor 18:42 10 Apr 2018

If you hover your mouse over the word 'Forums' in the red bar at the top of the page, you'll see a list of different areas, all of which relate to different aspects of computing. Pick the one that most closely matches the question you want to ask.

Some areas (Like Tech Helproom) are busier than others.

  HondaMan 18:01 18 Apr 2018

Reading the title literally, it's for Consumer RIGHTS. Not software/hardware or any other questions, but the LEGAL RIGHTS we have!

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