Hello im trying to figure out if this will upgrade my pc

  GeorgeWilson 01:04 10 Jul 2014

So right now as it stands i have 8 gb of kingston hyperx gensis ram im gonna get 8 more gb or ram also im running a gtx 760 brand new my motherboard is a ga 990 fx UD3 My Cpu is AMD athlon (tm) II X4 640 processor 4 cpus ~3.0GHz now i plan to upgrade my cpu aswell with AMD FX-8350 8 Core Processor Socket AM3+ 4.0GHZ 16MB 125W Retail Box

will this upgrade my gaming? i want to be able to stop lagging on low and its pissing me off.

  GeorgeWilson 01:07 10 Jul 2014

650W powersupply aswell

  Menzie 16:47 10 Jul 2014

The 760 is a good GPU unfortunately that CPU is a bottleneck. I had the AMD phenom X4 840 before I upgraded to my current CPU (AMD FX 8320). Running my current GTX 660 I was surprised by the improvement in gaming performance over the old CPU which to me was plenty fast under Windows, browsing, etc.

I never understood why some have a disdain for AMD CPUs, I have had nothing but a positive experience of them since I've started building my own computers 15 years ago. For me they make solid reliable products at a good price that suits my personal needs well.

Each to their own I guess. Back on topic I'd suggest a CPU upgrade if possible as nothing really uses 16GB of RAM yet gaming wise except a handful of games such as Battlefield. Many games are still written in 32 bit code.

What temps are you getting with the current CPU, I only lagged on games such as Sleeping Dogs and Mafia 2 when I had my Phenom when pushing the settings too high.

  Menzie 16:49 10 Jul 2014

What game is causing the lag in particular?

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