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  Terry Brown 19:30 14 May 2010

I have my business emails registered through HeartInternet, for which I have bought 2 domain names at £6 each. for 2 years.

I have just been informed by them, that it will now cost me £2.79 a month for the same service, although one of them was only registered in january this year.

I have contacted the company, and their 'point of view', is if you don't like it- Tough!.

Heart Internet used to have a good reputation, and I have recommended them to quite a few people, but no longer.

I now have the problem of contacting my Email clients, and informing them of a new email address, hoping they will get the notification before the name is deleted.

There was no advance warning, just a letter informing me of the new charges.

With the attitude I recieved from them, this is one company that deserves to go to the wall!


  spuds 22:50 14 May 2010

I am not sure if I follow you correct, but a domain is usually registered to a person over 2 years if a co.uk, and that is what you seem to have for £6.00 each. That is unless this was purchased as an hosting package, and the host company as retained title, which in this case doesn't seem likely.

I would contact Nominet click here for further advice, because Heart are most likely a member of Nominet, and as such have a code of conduct to abide, if you consider that they have not honoured an agreement or contract.

  ajm 23:21 14 May 2010

Are you sure this was Heart Internet? As far as I know they do not send letters - email is their method of communication. I have only praise for them.

I have been with Heart as a reseller and have got a lot of clients for whom I buy and resell web hosting.

Perhaps you are on a different host package and paying more for the hosting.

You do not have to host with the same company that you purchased the domain name from.

  Forum Editor 23:30 14 May 2010

You say "I have my business emails registered through HeartInternet"

What do you mean by that? The money you've paid is simply for the domain name registration. I can't see any reference to the £2.79 a month charge for email services.

The basic hosting service costs £2.49 a month, and that entitles you to 1000 POP3 mailboxes.

Perhaps you can clarify the situation?

  spuds 09:12 15 May 2010

I think the Forum Editor as come up with the answer, and the 'renting' of email boxes at extra cost. The domain's still remain the same, and is still yours until you decide at renewal time whether to continue with them. At which time, the cost may increase again.

I have 'packages' with another company, and part of their domain service is the supply of 'free email boxes and re-direction'. Extra email boxes are available, but these come at an extra monthly fee package depending on the size and requirements of the package.

I think in this case , its not reading or understanding the terms and conditions of the agreement. Would mention that the people I use, increased their prices a few month back, and the rest of the industry as done also, hence your possible concern.

Surely £33.48 is not a big price to pay, if its going to save a lot of hassle and retain your clients base.

  beynac 11:39 15 May 2010

I would guess that you are using the Heart Internet free web-hosting package, which gives you your email boxes. Merely registering a domain name through them would not usually give you email facilities.

Heart have decided to end their free internet hosting service at the end of May. I use this service and have just received an email from Heart and have now upgraded to their Starter-Pro service (£2.79 per month).

They are not going to charge you for 'for the same service'. They are just not giving it away for free anymore.

Quote from their email:
"We have been providing free web hosting for 6 years, as a company we want to continue evolving and offer the very best products and services possible with the latest hosting technology. We feel that the end of free hosting is simply part of this process and it will ensure we continue delivering some of the UKs best and most advanced web hosting."

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