Heads Up on PB2969

  [DELETED] 14:16 26 Feb 2007

Just a gentle warning for anyone thinking of purchasing one of these "top of the range" Packard Bell multimedia PC's.

They are in fact seriously underpowered. The PSU fitted inside the case is a maximum 250 watts which has to drive the motherboard, Core 2 Duo 6600 processor, ATI 1600 graphics cards plus no end of USB sockets and attached gimmicks such as remote DVD drive opening.

My unit is experiencing power drop out across the USB ports particularly when anything graphics intense is occurring on screen and I'm now convinced that BSOD crashes in games such as FSX are due to loss of power to components at a critical moment.

How can PB/PC World get away with selling such an underpowered piece of junk?

  spuds 15:34 26 Feb 2007

Have you thought about taking this matter up with PB/PC World!!.

  [DELETED] 15:39 26 Feb 2007

No I'll probably sort it out myself and fit a new PSU when I upgrade the graphics card. I don't really want to get into futile arguments with PC World who will probably claim they are just selling as per the manufacturers spec.

More of a general warning that these so called cheap "high end" machines may not be quite what they seem.

  [DELETED] 11:09 27 Feb 2007

250W does sound a bit underpowered for the spec. Take it back and quote the sale of goods act and not fit for purpose, and if you don't get your money back or a free psu upgrade, go to trading standards.

  spuds 19:34 27 Feb 2007

Who states its not fit for the purpose, and so suggesting go in with all guns blazing stating SOGA and demanding refunds etc?.

The PB2969 Extreme looks a powerful machine. PB have sufficient expert knowledge on computer manufacture and quality control, to let this slip through if a wrong psu as been fitted.If there is a problem, then best to refer it back to the manufacturer Packard Bell and/or the seller.

  [DELETED] 20:51 27 Feb 2007

Well there are numerous posts on the Packard Bell forums regarding PSU issues including the fact many of their PC's only ship with the 250w PSU's.

As regards PB's general knowledge on building PC's, well every manufacturor has profit as the bottom line. And there are plenty of complaints on the PB forums regarding other QA issues surrounding their machines.

They may very well function adequately on 250 watts if all the user wants to do is watch downloaded porn or play Windows Solitaire, but start hooking up some serious peripherals such as an X52 joystick or look at future upgradeability and it's a different matter.

As I said, the original intention of this post was simply to alert potential purchasers to check the suitability of the supplied PSU for their intended use of the machine - whatever the make. I have contacted PC World to suggest the PC needs a better PSU and am waiting a response but I'm not about to go charging down the SOG road either.either. However SPUDS, I think you need to chill out a bit too, if you're not a moderator then you have no right to attempt to silence me exercising my right as a member of this forum to post a view and potential warning on what I feel is a genuine issue

  [DELETED] 21:14 27 Feb 2007

actually, northernwarrior, spuds can - within the rules of the forum - post anything he likes. I don't think he was trying to silence you, that's absurd. He was I think giving the thread a polite reality check.

I agree, that PSU does sound a bit underpowered. Have you spoken to PC World?

  spuds 00:24 28 Feb 2007

You appear to have jumped both feet first in your conclusion. Where was I making an attempt to silence you. Perhaps you should take your own medicine and chill out a little, then you might get facts right. You posted a problem, and I responded, which is within the terms of this forum, unless the rules have changed in favour of the poster being selective on who and how other forum members reply.

If you had taken the time in reading what I had stated, then you should or would have realised that I was initially responding to keef66 remarks of taking the matter to trading standards, which in perhaps my humble opinion would have resolved nothing.The product was not faulty and fully functional, so trading standards or consumer law would not apply at this moment in time.I also suggested that the best people to resolve this issue was rightly or wrongly Packard Bell the manufacturer or PC World the seller. Note I also made a reference 'looks a powerful machine', perhaps hinting that I also may have considered a 230 watt psu under powered for a computer of this specification. What do you find distasteful or silencing in that?.

  [DELETED] 12:48 28 Feb 2007

Im not stirring the POT but 250Watts PSU is a tad watery in todays Market. I got a Mesh pc (best buy ever) just under a year ago and it has a 500watt...... In my opinion a mulimedi pc should be able to deal with multimedia components. Webcams, joystiks, digital cameras, mp3 players. I have 10 usb devises and would never have thought my PC shouldnt be able to handle them all. But then again, you should have checked before u bought.

This fence is maken my bum sore :p

  [DELETED] 14:43 28 Feb 2007

I still think if it's crashing while gaming, and it was sold as a multimedia pc, then it's not fit for purpose. I don't imagine you were warned at the time of purchase that you couldn't run a game using a usb powered joystick. Fair enough, discuss your problem with PCW politely, but at the end of the day you should have consumer law on your side.

  [DELETED] 14:55 28 Feb 2007

Sorry if I came across a tad rough in a couple of my above posts, must be this dose of "flu" getting me down as I'm normally a fairly mellow kind of guy. :)

Some good points to consider - I'm still waiting to hear what PC Worlds Techguys have to say on the issue and I'll report back with their answer.

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