Headphones (if that word is still relevant)

  misery 14:31 20 Sep 2003

Having achieved a maturity of years, I am now becoming increasingly hard of hearing, i.e. deaf! I'm trying to find where I can buy headphones that incorporate an ability to increase/decrease sound in either right/left channels. Also need the 'phones to cover the ear, In-ear types being useless for me. Any help appreciated.

  Forum Editor 14:42 20 Sep 2003

is called 'closed' - as opposed to the 'open' type which are the norm nowadays. Open phones actually give a better sound quality at a given price point, BUT........

I personally use Sennheiser HD280 Professional 'closed' headphones to cut out extraneous sound in a sometimes noisy office. They are superb, and many experts vote them the best closed model around at the moment. They keep out all but the very loudest of external sounds.

The price isn't superb unfortunately, but the best is hardly ever cheap. They'll set you back around £99 (which includes VAT and postage/packing) and you can see them if you
click here

  Wilham 16:32 20 Sep 2003

I have hearing problem, and I bought a pair of stereophones, maker Koss, click here on offer at 7dayshop under £5 click here They have a slider volume control in the lead. There is a selection, My hearing doesn't put me in FE's class but I'm pleased with the I-20 model.

  Forum Editor 16:38 20 Sep 2003

My hearing's nothing out of the ordinary I assure you - years of going to 1970's rock concerts saw to that - but I do like to hear what went on the CD in the studio if possible.

Headphones are astonishing bits of hardware, and I am constantly amazed by the sound quality that comes from those tiny portable MP3 player headphones. Koss is one of the big names in the business, and they make a superb range of phones.

  Wilham 16:47 20 Sep 2003

My model doesn't give independent channel control, I'm afraid, ... that may be possible at the source?

  ton 17:02 20 Sep 2003

I use Winamp (free download)click here

I find this is a very good music player and it does have indpendant channel control (balance).

  wee eddie 21:15 20 Sep 2003

sometimes called "Balance"

  wee eddie 21:23 20 Sep 2003

slapped wrist

I am happy with a pair of JVC's I bought in Dixons more than 10 years ago. Real surround sound - no problems with neighbours

  Wilham 21:44 20 Sep 2003

"Balance" is not quite the same, for when you move balance to the left say, the right auto reduces, -so the control of one channel is not independent of the other. To the hard of hearing this can be important.

  wee eddie 22:01 20 Sep 2003

Controlling the volume and even the boosting or reducing the levels of various wavelengths passing into either channel is the job of the software you use.

Basic WXP is not good enough, but I am sure someone here knows what will do the trick.

  spuds 22:03 20 Sep 2003

For a good selection,try Argos click here or Index click here The latest Autumn/Winter catalogues are now available, from both companies. Don't know if headphones are covered by their 16 days returns policy.If so, you could 'try out'a selective set.

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