bluebird 21:54 03 May 2004

I listen to a lot of music on my pc and would like to know what people think are the best headphones i could use as the neighbours are getting restless.

thanks in advance.

  maz2 23:24 03 May 2004

I just use ordinary ones plugged into a jack on the speakers, picked up a set of panasonic ones the other day in Argos for about £5

  byfordr 23:39 03 May 2004

click here Altec Lansing headphones, £1 each! Not sure what they are like but got to be worth a poke.


  byfordr 23:41 03 May 2004

click here Anything by Sennheiser is good!

Just ordered a set of these click here


  bluebird 02:27 04 May 2004

Cheers guys.

  TomJerry 09:28 04 May 2004

Even you closed the thread, I would like to add this one. Very good reviews on many IT mags.
£45 click here

"Real Surround Sound Headphones "Theatre 6""

  Stuartli 11:27 04 May 2004

Altec Lansing is a very famous name in hi-fi so I immediately went on the website to order two of its headphones as a backup for my Sony set.

However, apart from the fact that the website's ordering sequence is haywire at the moment, there's a p and p charge of at least £5...:-)

  byfordr 11:37 04 May 2004

Thats why I thought I'd give them a try! Was lucky enough to be ordering some other things, and there was free delivery over the BH weekend.

Not sure what the difference between the 2 was, but for a £1 a throw I risked 2 of each ;-)


  bluebird 19:56 05 May 2004

Do i need to configure my PC? I plugging my headphones into the back of the hard drive but aint getting any sound.

  GibsonSt19 19:57 05 May 2004

If you can get them, a pair of SkullCandy Skullcrushers are aparently the K-9's genitalia.

At about 70 squids though, you need to love your music. They have built in subs and the bass is supposedly awesome.

Hope that helps.

  byfordr 20:54 05 May 2004

Never heard of them but do like the name :-)

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