HDMI Cable costs

  I am Spartacus 13:03 26 Nov 2009

I noticed in my local Currys that they had a 3 Metre HDMI cable for £79.99. I recently bought a 3 metre cable from ebay for less than £5 including P&P. How can they justify such a massive markup?

  sunnystaines 13:15 26 Nov 2009

I got the shop were i bought the monitor to throw in the cable, as they were for sale for silly prices.

  wee eddie 13:28 26 Nov 2009

Unknown Manufacturer off the Net ~ made by Belkin from a neighbourhood Store with Staff

If we were talking Horses, how about comparing Dobbin & Red Rum.

Dobbin was bought off the net ~ unseen. Red Rum after a long lunch with his Trainer.

One might win the National, the other, have difficulty pulling Ernie's Milk Float!

  I am Spartacus 13:44 26 Nov 2009

It's a digital signal with built in error correction so shouldn't it either work or not?

  wee eddie 13:46 26 Nov 2009

But we all still have to drive at 30 in Town and 70 on the Motorway.

  Zurdo 17:24 26 Nov 2009

I got this from Amazon. Panasonic brand so no problems there and not too bad a price click here

  spuds 17:49 26 Nov 2009

I purchase all my cables from Ebuyer (in bulk on promo)or Poundland,and never had any problems.

On my early days of plenty of new spare time and computing, I contacted a very well known cable manufacturer about two of their products which appeared to be the same in manufacture, but vastly different in price. Shock and horror, I was told "Use the cheaper one, you will not notice any difference". And since that day, I have always bought the cheapest, with great satisfaction. After all, if the cheap one fails, then bin it, which I have never had to do yet.

  Arnie 00:29 28 Nov 2009

It is not necessary to pay more than around £5 to £10 for a 2 metre HDMI cable.

I have three LCD sets and they all produce excellent pictures from my Panasonic DVD recorders using 'cheap' cables and RAM discs.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says it all.

click here

  GaT7 15:53 01 Dec 2009

Ebay & Amazon (marketplace sellers) are selling these cables for £1.50 - £2, & that's delivered!

They seem to get good overall reviews too. G

  Joseph Kerr 15:19 06 Dec 2009

Blimey, these threads dont cause half the trouble here that they do in some quarters.

Anchor, might be interesting for you to run that by a What HiFi reviewer.

  GaT7 14:58 07 Dec 2009

"One does not need to be a speciality audiophile reviewer to judge the quality of a picture."

anchor, I think the term 'audiophile' has to do with sound only (the 'audio' part gives it away!), but I get your point. One wonders if there's an equivalent for picture quality? G

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