HDD Digital TV Recorder

  Mort105 17:58 01 Oct 2011


I'm looking for a new HDD Digital TV recorder to replace my parents old analog one - this no longer works now the analog signal has been switched off.

The new machine will need to play DVD as well as they don't want a seperate machine for this - would prefer a machine that plays blu-ray but will settle for DVD.

I've been looking around google, amazon etc and struggling to come up with a decent machine to recommend to them - anyone any idea's? Anyone had to do this recently and what do you think of the device you bought?

Any help appreciated...

  rdave13 19:05 01 Oct 2011

I don't use Sky so have a small freesat unit for HD. When I can afford it this will be something like my next purchase, Panasonic.

  Mort105 22:47 01 Oct 2011

The panasonic looks good, but I think it needs to be hooked up to a dish - not sure they would go for that.

  rdave13 22:57 01 Oct 2011

Yes, you would need similar for free-view not free-sat.

  Mort105 23:04 01 Oct 2011

This LG doesn;t look too bad, has everything they want but worried it might be complex for them to use. Anyone have this:


  wjrt 20:52 02 Oct 2011

have a look at Toshiba RDXV60 at Amazon

  mobing 02:59 03 Oct 2011
  john bunyan 21:22 03 Oct 2011

I think Panasonic is the most reliable .They do DVD recorders with built in Freeview that can store on HD or DVD. Useful if you want to keep a programme for a long time, or for watching hired or bought films. An example: http://www.panasonic.co.uk/html/en_GB/Products/Home+Entertainment/DVD+Recorders/DMR-EX83/Specification/3533491/index.html?trackInfo=true

I would go for a slightly bigger HD model.(see Panasonic website)

  Mort105 21:01 06 Oct 2011

I was going to recommend the LG HR600, but they've been out in the mean time and bought one of these:


Looks really good, though have to see what it's like when they have it setup.

Thanks for the advice.

  john bunyan 11:56 07 Oct 2011

Looks excellent. I am sure they will love it. Well worth studying the manual to get the best out of it (editing out adverts etc)

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