HD LCD TV again

  iqs 21:10 06 Apr 2007

Hello to you all.

I'm aware similar questions have been posted quite a few times regarding which HD LCD is worth buying.But like others I have some concerns about this new technology.

I have about £700 to spend on a 26" TV.I have read great reviews about this Panasonic LCD click here

Some of my concerns relate to the picture quality.Some of the images I have seen on friends LCD have been very poor.Like me most of you know what I mean by this,I hope.

I don't watch TV that often,I would purchase this particular LCD for DVD playback and for my PS3.

So is this TV a good investment,are there others from John Lewis in this price range which I should consider.I will only buy from John Lewis because all their TV's are supplied with a free 5 years guarantee.

Your opinion on this LCD or others is appreciated.

Thank you,Mike

  Whaty 21:46 06 Apr 2007

I can't comment on the picture quality of this TV, although as you say, it does get very good reviews. The only thing I would say however, is that this particular model doesn't have an HDMI connection and I think this is becoming more important.

Panasonic do another model the TX26LXD600, I 'think' this has a slightly higher spec and it does have two HDMI connections. It's also dearer but should still be within your budget.

I'm not sure about this but doesn't the PS3 have an HDMI connection? If so, with a quality lead this will probably give you the best picture quality.

I'm also fairly sure that HD and Upscaling DVD players require HDMI in order to acheive the best picture quality?

Just my two penneth....


  Ranger 22:04 06 Apr 2007

I know they are a bit cheaper, but don't discount the Evesham Alqemi range, I bought two of the 32" sx models, they are £50 cheaper each now than they were when I bought them, but I still think they are more than VFM, also, you get 3 years sap in/out warranty (18 months interest free is available if you want it also)

  Whaty 22:17 06 Apr 2007

It's not from John Lewis (probably much dearer at JL unless they will price match?) but I can vouch for this TV, because I've got one...

click here

The picture through the built in Freeview is brilliant, the picture through an upscaling DVD (via HDMI) is stunning, excellent, fantastic.! Even my PS2 looks great on this TV (I've got that set up through the component connections).

I should add that I only have a normal aerial, nothing flashy, but I am in a good reception area.

  Stuartli 23:44 06 Apr 2007

You will very probably find that you get a much better picture on a standard (i.e. non-HD set) than one which is HD compatible.

However, such sets are becoming more and more rare as the public demands HD compatibility, even though the majority would never subscribe to such services.

  iqs 19:40 08 Apr 2007

Hello Ranger,Whaty and Stuartli,Thank you all for your help and comments.Take cars,Regards,Mike

  iqs 15:51 09 Apr 2007

Sorry forgot to ask,what is the recommended viewing distance for a 32" and 26" LCD please.This will help with my final decision.Thanks

  Stuartli 15:56 09 Apr 2007

I would suggest whatever suits you best, coupled with the size of the room in which the set is used and its placement in relation to the seating arrangement.

  iqs 16:33 09 Apr 2007


I have found a few sites which explain how to calculate the recommended viewing distance.Because we have a small room,we believe the 32" will be to big.We will be sitting about 6feet from the TV.A 26" Is more ideally suited for our size room.

Since posting the thread we have seen this new model click here

A better buy then the Panasonic we were originaly going to purchase?????

  LABMAN 16:38 09 Apr 2007

I read somewhwere a while back that if upgrading to an LCD you move up a size ie if you have a 26inch CRT move up to a 28inch LCD or a 28inch CRT move up to a 30/32inch LCD.

  iqs 17:22 09 Apr 2007

LABMAN for your comments.Cheers

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