Hayter self propelled mower doesn't!

  onthelimit1 11:06 31 Aug 2014

Two year old Hayter Spirit 41. Started a few weeks ago where it would suddenly lose drive. Shut down and restart cured it. Now it won't drive at all. I've had it upside down and taken the 'variator' to bits - all clean and dry and nothing appears broken.

Any mower experts around? !

  spuds 11:45 31 Aug 2014

Perhaps an age, storage or maintenance thing. If you haven't got the manual, then here is a pdf copy that give some troubleshooting advice among other things click here

  onthelimit1 13:05 31 Aug 2014

spuds - thanks - I'll have a browse.

Jock1e - the motor runs OK, it's just the drive to the rear roller.

  onthelimit1 18:35 31 Aug 2014

The clutch cable has a spring at the lever end, so as long as the spring extends when the lever gets close to full travel, the clutch should operate. Think I need to double check whether the fault is the variator or the clutch itself.

  onthelimit1 15:52 02 Sep 2014

After a complete strip, turned out the bracket securing the roller drive side bearing had loosened - this had allowed the driving 'dog' to disengage from the slot in the roller. Easy when you know how!

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