Having a nightmare choosing a PC - HELP!!!

  coyw 23:36 20 Feb 2010

Hi guys, I am in a right old pickle and really need some guidance please as I am spending too much time going round in circles!
I bought a PC last week on a wim without doing to much research. Since doing so i have done my research and am not sure if it is such a good deal. Here is the PC i have

click here

It cost £400 and i am going to have to spend around about £100 for a monitor. Im not too sure what the Intel i3 530 is like and am wondering if one of these other PC's would be better value? (As I havent even opended the box due to work commitments/time) (Some have a monitor and some dont)


Cyberworks Ultra Athena SE, 4GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, No or Intergrated Graphics card, 22” LCD Monitor, No Keyboard or Mouse £495

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Mesh Matrix II 925 MX, 4GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, 512MB, ATI Radeon HD4200 Integrated Graphics - Full HD Support (M4A785T-M), No monitor or Keyboard £429

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Mesh Matrix II 925 MX, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, 512MB ATI Radeon 5450 Graphics Accelerator GDDR3- ***DirectX 11*** , 22” HD Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse. £575

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Athlon II x4 630 Quad

Cube 247 Tucana ST13, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, NVIDIA GeForce 6150 256MB Integrated Graphics, 22” HD Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse £475

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MESH Matrix Pro Nero, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, 1GB ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics, 22” HD Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse £499

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I would really appreciate some feedback. I have also noticed some have DDR2 and Some DDR3 - What is best and why? Also am i worrying too much about the processor when i only need it as a family PC e.g. internet, word, photos, Football Manager 2010, occasional music/films etc?

Sorry for such a long post and if you have got this far I would really appreciate your guidance.


PS My budget is already stretched with the most expensive PC on this list so any recomendations of other PC's more expensive is no good for me but any others that are within budget is fine. Thanks

  GaT7 01:22 21 Feb 2010

The Medion PC is absolutely fine for what you'll be using it for. The graphics (GT210) is a bit weak for games, but might be OK for FM2010. Would be best to enquire at their forums click here.

Of the PCs listed, the one with the 'best' graphics (though only slightly better than the GT210) is the Matrix Pro 925 Nero with its HD5450. Don't buy a PC with integrated/HD3200 graphics, unless you plan to upgrade with a suitable dedicated graphics card. Try not to go lower than a HD4670 click here (£47 at time of posting).

DDR3 RAM is better than DDR2, but for your use, next to no difference.

22" monitors at eBuyer click here. It may be best to get a 1920x1080 'Full HD' resolution monitor for films, although a 1680x1050 may suit FM2010 better? Perhaps another thing to enquire about at the FM2010 forum. G

  961 09:27 21 Feb 2010

You've now found another problem with buying a computer. Eventually, while making sure you've got the best bargain you end up with so many that might do and so many specs to consider, that you end up totally confused

Lets look at your questions

The i3 processor is the latest Intel job. It's fast, economical and totally able to do all the things you want while sitting back and waiting for you to throw three times as much work at it. It's the best for you without spending more on a faster (older) processor you don't need

You will get better value and quality buying a monitor separately. Monitors coming as part of a package tend not to be of the best. As I believe you already have a monitor why not make do with that for now and buy a new one later in the year.

You don't want 64 bit for what you are going to do. Most of these systems have 64 bit

All these systems come by courier. I have not previously come across Cyberworks. Mesh make good systems (64 bit) but as you will see from threads here the after sales service can be patchy. If it goes wrong it will have to go away and may be a pain

Don't worry about DDR 2 or 3 or indeed the amount of memory. It won't make any difference to what you need

  birdface 10:32 21 Feb 2010

No delivery charges from Aldi and 3 years Waranty always helps.

  Hound-dog 10:41 22 Feb 2010

Some goods computers in there, the specyou want just depend on what you will be using the pc for. If your wanting it for gaming them you need to look at the graphics card. I would suggest that you do some research on the companies, i know that Mesh are recieving increasing negative comments about their customer service. Cube247 have much more positibe reviews with the odd negative one.

If you are already pushed to your budget - choose the spec you want and then get the companies to compete with each other.

  Bertie20 11:09 22 Feb 2010

I have had a Tucana system from Cube - very good computer and had no problems with it at all. If you are wanting to charge to DDR3 memory or add a graphics card then they will do that for you. There specs are a guidline to customer, but generally they build computers to a customer specification. Cube was recommended to me by a friend who had just purchased a complete custom build. Benefit of the Tucana system is it is avalaible for next day delivery.

  ame 14:26 22 Feb 2010

You seem to have opened a new thread without closing the previous one click here Should you not mark that one as resolved?

  coyw 21:35 22 Feb 2010

Ive now resolved my previous thread ame.

Thanks for your advice (especially 961). Think im gonna stick with the Medion if people think that will suit my needs best as all this comparing is seriously messing with my head piece!

  GaT7 22:05 22 Feb 2010

Yes, sticking with your original system would be the least hassle. It'll be fine for your usage as I said before.

See how FM2010 fares with the graphics card included before buying a better one. G

  coyw 22:05 22 Feb 2010

One more question - If the medion power supply is 350W would that support a higher spec graphics card providing there was enough physical space for one (which i will have to find out)?

  961 09:45 23 Feb 2010

First, see if you actually need one. Integrated graphics are better than they used to be

If you do buy one, settle for one that uses little power. For a start go for passive cooling, no fan. This will also take less space

click here

These basic cards are a steal because they lift the graphics performance without costing the earth or taking much power

Ensure you get the correct form factor to fit the slot

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