Having a new computer delivered...

  drmerlin 22:03 21 Sep 2003


Am I just very unlucky or do we have to put up with the lowest quality delivery services this side of the Kalahari?

I ordered a new computer from MESH Computers. I paid an extra £54-00 for Saturday delivery. MESH (who have provided excellent service so far) dispathced the new system (3 packages) using Amtrak Express Parcels. Amtrak guarantee to deliver before 12:00pm on a Saturday. To make sure that my new system was on its way, I got hold of the tracking number and the telephone number of the depot... I tried all morning on Saturday to telephone them to no avail. I have since learned that although the depot should be staffed by receptionists until 1:00pm, they prefer to all go home when the drivers have left the deport (i.e. by about 10:00am!).

I waited until after 12:00pm and eventually the van arrived... minus my computer which, as I write this remains lost! I do however have a set of speakers and some software!

I have equally lousy service from Omega... They offer something called 'Next Day Delivery'... I have ordered stuff from various sites and have paid extra for this service but the goods have NEVER been delivered the next day. When I tried to get a refund I was told that 'Next Day Service' does not necessarily mean 'next day'... If you REALLY want next day service you have to spend even more money with them!

The third company I have had lousy service from is Parcel Force... sometimes better known as 'Parcel Farce'... They have delivered items late, destroyed orders and lost items altogether!

Each time I have complained to these companies I have been told I am simply unlucky and have been fed the spin about how wonderful they usually are!

I would be very interested to hear of your experiences of deliveries in Rip Off Britain (where the prices are high, standards are low and customer service is usually a joke). If you know of a reliable courier firm please let me know so that I can insist that the next time I order something via the net, the supplying company can use them instead...



  JIM 22:28 21 Sep 2003

Only one to recommend for 100% reliability and that's shank's pony :)

Good luck.

  Forum Editor 22:36 21 Sep 2003

of the phrase "Rip Off Britain". After all, if it's true it's our fault isn't it? - plenty of us must work for these companies that are ripping us all off. It's our country, and it will be what we make it, so instead of constantly whingeing about it we might get on with changing it for the better.

That said, I tend to share your view about courier companies. I use Fedex and UPS overseas document delivery for my business, and I've no complaints at all about those services. UK delivery couriers are a different matter however, and I have had several bad experiences with various companies. Delivery promises haven't been kept, staff have been indifferent, or even downright rude on occasion, and on the whole I tend to have a fairly negative opinion of the efficiency and customer service policies of such companies.

I'm happy to be proved wrong however.

  Stuartli 22:52 21 Sep 2003

I've had plenty of computer related items delivered over several years by a variety of couriers; these include DHL, BusinessPost, TFT, CityExpress etc.

In all but one case every item was delivered as arranged by the on-line retailer involved from all areas of Britain.

I'm expecting a delivery from Mesh this Wednesday so it will be interesting to see what happens courier wise, particularly as it will be my first experience of its products.

  spuds 23:28 21 Sep 2003

I think most people have had, both good and bad courier deliveries. Given the whole range of well known name courier firms,and I think I have used most of them, with differing experiences. One company that I deal with on a regular basis, is Viking Direct. If they say 3 hours or next day, then you get your items as promised.All carefully packed and correct to order. Screwfix are of a similar mode of prompt and correct deliveries.

But some of the problems have to be placed with the suppliers, who give wrong information. How many times, within these forums, have people ordered things that are 'in stock', when the actual item was not available.There can be various reasons for this, from human error to slow computerized stock checking methods.

Regarding you selecting your own courier, and am sure that you may find this perhaps a little difficult, with most suppliers. They, the supplier, likes to use a courier more beneficial to them,via cost saving arrangements and the like. Think of years gone by, when a simple package took many days or even weeks to arrive.Nowadays, that same package can take only hours,in some cases, to arrive on your doorstep. Things can only get better.

  wee eddie 19:18 22 Sep 2003

There is somewhere that you pick it off the shelf and pay at the door.

If delivery is important. Or the time required to wait for it, a cost. Why not factor that into the equation

  oresome 20:21 22 Sep 2003

I recently refitted the kitchen and purchased many items on the net. Without exception I was impressed with the speed of delivery. Even though I live in a major city, tracking down items at local retailers to carry away is often difficult and time consuming and cannot be done within the same time frame.

  Stuartli 09:07 24 Sep 2003

As I've mentioned earlier in the thread, I'm expecting a delivery from Mesh today of a system.

Things have got off to a good start, I had a call from Amtrak at 7.30am to check that someone will be in so oy can do the delivery; the reason is security based to ensure that the system is not left on the delivery vehicle unnecessarily.

I pointed out that I knew three weeks ago that the system was due to be delivered today, as it is the first time I have ever been contacted by a courier to check there was someone in..:-)

Even so it was emphasised that it was for security purposes.

Hopefully the rest of the transaction will go equally as smoothly and that the system will prove 100 per cent reliable for the elderly person it has been acquired on their behalf...:-)

  spuds 19:39 24 Sep 2003

One or two courier firms are using this 'security' check method.If they cannot make contact with you, they may return the goods back to the supplier.I recently had a well known courier firm, who refused to delivery to my next door neighbour.They informed me that I had 24/48 hours, to arranged delivery "whilst I was in attendance".Told it was to do with insurance and suppliers responsibitiies under a new legal draft.

I have just used Komplett to purchase a component. I wanted "Next Day" delivery and this was included in the standard shipping cost. When I checked the tracking number I discovered that it was sent via DHL. The parcel originated from OSLO of all places and started its journed at about 17:00, by 20:00 it was in Copenhagen and by 01:00 in the West Midlands arriving at Gatwick (my local depot) at 05:30, actual delivery was at 11:00 that day and less than 24 hours from making the order! Total cost for shipping? £6.00

  Stuartli 14:47 25 Sep 2003

Interesting, but a draft is only a proposal, not law....:-)

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