Have you had a bill from MBS?

  Forum Editor 02:07 06 May 2007

If you have seen a bill pop up on your screen, saying that you owe this company money, and you have no recollection of agreeing to any payment I would like to hear from you.

Please contact me via the 'contact forum editor' email link at the top of this page, or by using the small yellow envelope next to my name.

Give me as much detail as you can about what has happened, including details of any contact you've made with MBS - and the results of doing so. I'll get back to you if I need to ask any questions. What you tell me will be treated in strict confidence, and no details will be published here, or in the magazine without your full prior consent. This thread has also been posted in Speakers Corner and the helproom.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:11 06 May 2007


  spuds 23:04 06 May 2007


  rickf 11:17 07 May 2007

No, thanks God!! and may it stay that way.

  Forum Editor 18:49 07 May 2007
  Fellsider 16:42 11 May 2007


  silentwitness 18:07 14 May 2007

i get mbs bills constantly and cant find a way to get rid of them i have no idea why i get them and when i searched for the site i apparently subscribed to it came up that it was a potentially dangerous virus. plese help they pop up constantly for an hour each time i log in.

  lalaland 19:27 14 May 2007

Hi there, I have been looking through the helpdesk regarding MBS and I seem to be the only stupid one who have paid them...through internet banking!

I first got the pop up at the end of April/start of May and freaked out as I hadn't signed up to anything of the sort - 'sexxxpassport' or something!
I tried to contact them via the phone and email and got no replies and was constantly getting these pop ups so in the end I gave in and paid them in the hope that the pop - ups would go away because I was not happy with having bills coming up on my laptop saying that I owed money for porn when I didnt and as I am a youth worker and I use my laptop at work a lot.
I waiting the five days it told me, it would take to transfer the money - it has been over two weeks now and the pop ups are still there - what on earth do I do?
I was reading the forums and I am now really worried about somebody hacking into my account
PLease help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:33 14 May 2007

click here for advice on MBS removal.


  lalaland 18:20 15 May 2007

The stupid bill is now sitting for 10 minutes at a time and its now happening before I sign online as well.

Its got a message on it saying this....

Why is this bill appearing?
Your computer was used to sign up to a website or service that now requires payment. For more details on the website or service that you have signed up to visit your live bill

If you do not contact us within the next 7 days we may pass this debt to our recovery agents which will incur further charges.
I have already paid this bill
If you believe this bill to have been settled, please click here to update your account.
How do I pay the bill?
To pay now call 0871 231 7374.
All calls are charged at standard UK national rate
Alternatively, you can click on one of the payment options below to pay using our secure online payment system.

Credit Card
Debit Card
Online Bank
Phone Bank
Postal Order

I have paid the bill...stupidly I know - I shouldn't have paid it cuz I didn't sign up to anything! This is driving me mad - I am seriously going to have to just shut down this computer and close my bank account - I am really worried!
Have checked my bank account and nothing out of it so that is a bonus but this bill thing is driving me nuts!
Any other advise on how to remove this thing!

I use bullguard at the minute as an anti-virus thing and it keeps saying that someone is hacking into my computer but there is no button to click to let me do anything

  Forum Editor 20:17 15 May 2007

It tells you how to rid yourself of the annoying pop-up.

Nobody is going to hack into your bank account, so stop worrying about that, and certainly don't close it. You've paid the account - although you say you didn't need to - so you have nothing to worry about on that score.

If you definitely settled the account over two weeks ago you should not be harrassed in this way - do you have any documentary evidence to show that you paid? If you don't want to post further details online, send me some information via email (click on the 'Contact Forum Editor' link in the grey bar at the top of this page), but do it soon if you can - I'm currently preparing an article about MBS for the magazine.

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