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  Forum Editor 00:51 10 Dec 2004

I am getting more and more mail from forum members who ask me to resolve their problems on a one to one basis. This started some time ago, but it's become a bit of a problem.
I can't do this for two good reasons:-

1. I just don't have the time.

2. It wouldn't be fair to other forum users.

The whole idea of the forum is that we can all watch the story unfold, and later on other people with the same problem can search the archive for the solution. If I answer questions privately by email the information isn't subsequently available in the archive.

I'll still look forward to hearing from you about anything related to forum activity in general.

  wee eddie 17:47 10 Dec 2004

Bump, Bump, Bump!

  fourjays 21:22 10 Dec 2004

I remember someone making a comment about this a while back, when it was said that you shouldn't email someone with the envelope unless they invite you to.

I am forever being pestered by 'friends' on MSN with PC related questions, so I understand how annoying it can be.

I guess they are all after your wisdom though, FE! ^-^

  Smegs 22:29 10 Dec 2004

Such a wanted man, ;-))

  Forum Editor 22:43 10 Dec 2004

that's partly what I'm here for after all, and there are many occasions when people want to ask something about how the forum works, make a complaint, or even (sometimes) pay us a compliment. All that goes with the territory, and I wouldn't want it to stop for a moment.

What I can't do, much as I might like to, is answer specific questions about hardware/software problems, or comment on individual consumer issues via email. I get dozens of emails every day,and I do try to answer all of them - even if it's only a few words of acknowledgment. If you have a problem and think I might be of use by all means email me with a link to your thread. I'll try hard to provide a response in that way.

I hate to whinge like this, but I'm getting snowed under, and some people aren't getting answers to their emails.

  GaT7 00:42 11 Dec 2004

& my two pence worth...

I've found many solutions using the Search* option & Google, & have hardly needed to start a new thread (in the last 1 & 1/2 years I've only had to start 6 new threads). It would also greatly help if Google searches brought one to the brill posts on this forum - why doesn't it & what needs to be done - anyone know?

FE, you whinge? Naw. Your first post said it more than adequately, thanks. G

*Would be helpful to have an 'advanced' search, as the present one only finds matching thread titles. Not moaning - merely a suggestion : )

  Smegs 23:57 11 Dec 2004


  Bailey08787 09:32 15 Dec 2004

whats all this 'bump' crap?

  Sethhaniel 09:59 15 Dec 2004

'Bump' gets the post to top of pile again ;)

(or if something you want to read or utilise again adds it to your folder) :)

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