Have you bought the new Kindle?

  Forum Editor 19:20 10 Oct 2011

The new, lighter, £89 Kindle book reader is now being delivered to customers, and I wondered if we have any early purchasers in the forum.

If you've taken the plunge, what are your initial reactions?

  dikul 15:00 11 Oct 2011

Yep, had one on order since last week. I won't be allowed to use it until a certain date, which I can't mention, in December (clue, a fat man will come down the chimney!).


  daz60 20:05 11 Oct 2011

Make sure Health and Safety aren't waiting.

  wee eddie 22:16 11 Oct 2011

FE, don't say that you have your eyes on the new one. You've only just sold your soul for the last one!

  johnathann 13:56 12 Oct 2011

Planning to get the new one. Hope I will get it by the end of the year.

  961 15:47 12 Oct 2011

Why should I pay 20% vat on a book when I can have a physical thing vat free that I can read, give to friends, sell on to anyone?

  logoff 21:20 12 Oct 2011

Seems like the answer, as of now, is no :)

  Forum Editor 23:42 12 Oct 2011


"Why should I pay 20% vat on a book when I can have a physical thing vat free that I can read, give to friends, sell on to anyone?"

Well, for a start you'll probably pay a lot less for the digital version.

I'm currently reading a book about Churchill. The Kindle version costs £3.99 inclusive of VAT. The paperback edition is £6.99.

The book currently at number one in the Kindle 'top 100' list costs 99p inclusive of VAT. The paperback is £5:39.

Of course, I can't lend Kindle books to my friends without lending them the Kindle too, and I certainly can't sell digital books, but frankly at those prices I couldn't care less - I've bought around 40 Kindle books this year, and saved a pretty tidy sum over the cost of paper versions.

  QuizMan 12:29 13 Oct 2011

Ordered and e-mail has just arrived saying that it has been despatched.

My only concern before ordering was the lack of a keyboard, but reading the reviews/feedback it was seldom used anyway and the on-screen one is adequate.

This will be my first Kindle so I will not be able to compare with the original, but I shall let you know how I get on once it arrives.

  interzone55 13:46 13 Oct 2011

I'm a little annoyed.

I bought a refurbed 3G kindle a couple of months back after much deliberation. There was a lot of talk a bout a Kindle tablet and I'd been waiting for that, then I decided it would be about £300 so wouldn't bother.

Now they've launched this new Kindle 4 @ £89, and the tablet when it arrives next year will most likely be less than £200, so should I have waited?

Probably not to be honest, as I've had much use out of the Kindle, and it's now got almost 100 books on it.


Don't worry about the lack of keyboard, I've only used mine a few times - for inputting the password for my Wi-Fi at home & work, and naming folders to file the books. The keyboard kindles only contain letters, so I still have to use the onscreen virtual keyboard for numbers and symbols

  QuizMan 15:04 13 Oct 2011

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but Amazon have exceeded my expectations again. My new Kindle came with today's post delivery. I am currently at the charging and setting up stage.

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