Have to switch router off and on often

  Charlie51 18:05 19 Aug 2014

We have to often switch our router off and on to get an internet connection again. Should we buy a new router (the current one is an EE bright box supplied by EE)and if so, which one would you recommend? Thank you.

  alanrwood 18:55 19 Aug 2014

Hard to say. You are obviously losing connection to the ISP but this could be a poor phone line, local interference or several other causes including poor internal phone wiring or a faulty phone line filter.

Try the filter first and then if possible could you borrow a router from a friend and see if it still happens.

  Charlie51 22:27 19 Aug 2014

Thanks very much, alanrwood. I'll try this tomorrow.

  Batch 09:12 21 Aug 2014

In addition to alanrwood's comments, you ought to be aware that repeated reconnections are likely to slow down the broadband speed (possibly significantly). The reason for this is that the service starts to think that there is a problem with the line and so drops the speed in order to try and get a more reliable connection.

I had this a couple of weeks ago where my router got its knickers in a twist and repeatedly reconnected over a few hours. The effective speed dropped from approx. 7Mbps to around 1.3Mbps. Once I switched to another router the speed climbed back up over a couple of days. But don't take this as me suggesting that it is your router is at fault - as I say, see alanrwood's post.

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