Have the spammers had a new year resulution?

  josie mayhem 22:01 03 Jan 2004

On the run up to the christams fest, I was having to unclog my e-mail account on a daily bases. This dropped slightly after christmas.

But have they all gone on holiday or something, I've just checked my account and since the 31st of december I haven't recieved one unwanted piece of mail at all.

I can't believe this, having a hotmail account automaticaly means you are fair game.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

  Forum Editor 00:24 04 Jan 2004

at least for me. My mail server has anti-spam filtering installed, and it's working overtime, just as before.

Spammers are hard at work, beating the filters as fast as they are set up, and there's been a change in the way they format their messages. Now I'm getting hundreds of innocuous-sounding subject lines with lines and lines of meaningless gobbledygook - non of which contains any 'forbidden' words. The sting is in the hyperlink though - never click one of them.

  Gaz 25 07:41 04 Jan 2004

I ma creating my own prog. to be able to "see" that gobbledygook.

Yes I have noticed a lot too, all blocked so far, but as you say FE, they keep tryng.

  wags 08:46 04 Jan 2004

Most of the spam I receive has dreadful spelling mistakes in the subject line, or gobblegook as FE has said, but Yahoo Mail seems to successfully shove this in a bulk (spam) account. I have not noticed any reduction in spam traffic this side of xmas.

  colberly 11:02 04 Jan 2004

But I have just changed my ISP and all information, so I wonder how long it will take the spammers to find out. I do log onto my old e mail A/C occasionally and am still finding spam there but the lot just gets deleted and I open none since the people I want to know have my new a details.

  spuds 11:32 04 Jan 2004

I seem to have more than ever, with some spammers clicking more than once. The anti-spam programmes that I use have given up the ghost I think, with all the fancy abreviations that are used.

  anon1 12:36 04 Jan 2004

with Hotmail you can stop all the spam by using the option "exclusive" then ANY mail sent to you will be "junked" unless the sender is in your address book. With outlook express/outlook You can make a rule that unless ""something specific"" is in the subject line then send to junk or delete. Then anyone that knows you will be able to send u mail

  Jester2K 13:21 04 Jan 2004

I've had 1 e-mail on my 4 hotmail accounts since November 2003. Used to get 10-12 a day across the accounts... Now none (well one!!) No idea why..

  Forum Editor 13:44 04 Jan 2004

The reason is that hotmail (and AOL) have toughened up on the spammers. Unfortunately the baby's being thrown out with the bathwater, and they've toughened up on just about anyone else as well. I have repeatedly had emails to clients with AOL addresses bounced, as AOL sees the BT smtp server as a spam source. I've had the same problem with hotmail, although I have hardly anyone with a hotmail address on my client list, so it hasn't been such a problem for me.

When I recently did a mass mailout of the forum guide to those people who requested one I had every mail to an AOL address bounced, and some other servers bounced the mail. There's a price to pay for draconian spam filtering and this is it - many legitimate messages aren't being delivered.

Is it as difficult to change e-mail address with other companies as it seems to be with BT? I get too much spam too and it is most irritating even with Norton AS which filters out most of it.

It seems with BT that the primary e-mail address is the most awkward thing to change. I couldn't even get a secondary e-mail address set up on BT: it said my security setting were too harsh to set it up so I changed them to low temporarily and now my Norton Anti-Virus auto-protect won't go back on. I am thinking of switching to ntl just to get a new e-mail address that I can hopefully keep a tight control over it given the increase in spamming.

  PurplePenny 22:17 04 Jan 2004

I was particularly taken with the subject line of one of today's spam catch - "blackwell howl satanic hydroxylate" .... I can see the headlines now "Oxford publisher in werewolf drugs cult scandal"

Opera does trap all the gobbledygook spam ... but it also traps e-mail from friends who send to twenty addresses at once.

A while back there was a spate of spam with the subject line "new e-mail address" and at work we had to check each and every one of them because we get an awful lot of genuine e-mails with that subject :-(

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