Have I got more money than sense?

  User-8B1DD897-1B43-4A20-88BAD07029387E14 15:14 04 Jun 2004

I am looking at buying a new PC and have my eye on either the top spec Evesham (with a couple of upgrades) or the Poweroid 9301 (with the AMD 64 FX 53 PC) - the spec looks awesome. Is it worthwhile paying that much for a system? Will it really be cutting edge or could I get a lower spec machine that will not be noticeably slower?

Please advise.

  Scillonia 15:19 04 Jun 2004

Can you give us an idea what you will be using the PC for?

  byfordr 15:21 04 Jun 2004

Theres always something bigger and badder around the corner (always just after you had got yours)

Does it do what you want? Fast pcs a pretty cheap, its the extras that add to the cost (ie monitors etc and trimmings) Either spend less and replace within a year or 2 (good if you have decent monitor, peripherals etc) or get the best and keep for a while (fast speed throughout)

May be worth doing a search on Poweroid (Can't remember whether it was this forum or another one, but someone was having a whinge)

  961 15:25 04 Jun 2004

You don't say what the price is, but it is a fact that the law of diminishing returns applies to computer prices

I don't think you need to spend more than £800 or so to get a good fast computer these days unless you are wanting to make and edit a Hollywood movie or go super fast gaming on the net

You may well CHOOSE to do so and that is up to you. What I would say is that if you wish to keep the computer for any length of time you may wish to ensure that you buy one which has the new processor pin configurations which are due about now, because if you buy the "old" ones you will eventually need a new mobo with the new pin configurations in order to update in the days to come

I will be using the computer for surfing, playing games online and off. I konw that my personality defects cause me to want the biggest and baddest. I have a fear that it will be out of date too quickly otherwise. 961 please can you explain this pin config stuff you mention. Do you know if the systems I mentioned have them? What do I need to check with the manufacturer prior to order?

Also - Thanks to you all for the quick response to my questions. This forum is great I have been reading some of the other strings and everyone is very helpful.

  TomJerry 15:35 04 Jun 2004

No matter how fast a PC is, it will not make you a cup of tea. (I am developing a robot for this).

If you have deep pocket, get a fastest PC, simply because you want it (not need it). Otherwise, be senseable. As 961 (16 teen), a £800 PC will satisfy most users.

  byfordr 15:45 04 Jun 2004

If you haven't got a decent monitor already get one. Get a reasonable decent machine (either with no graphics card or a rubbish one) chuck a 9800 pro in yourself. (+£140ish to the price)

click here something like this has all the trimmings (rubbish graphics card, monitor needed)


  rickimalone 16:05 04 Jun 2004

Getting FX 53 will afoard you the current pinicle of PC power it is up there with the most powerful cpu's availible for the home market.

In terms of power it's king at the moment however from what you said the only time you will be using that power will be when playing the most resourse intensives games.

The chip it's self beats other top AMD64 and P4'S however the margins by which it does are not really something that you will notice with the human eye. You could get a cheaper high end machine that will perform alomost as well.

However if you want the best and can affoard it then go for it why not, you get bragging right's and have the satisfaction of knowing you have the best.

In terms of the socket and pins, what is ment by this is that AMD are going to be changing it soon so in the future when you want to upgrade the cpu you will need a new motherboard however when spending that kind of money I doubt that will bother you.

If I had the money I would buy one...

  Rayuk 16:30 04 Jun 2004

Not for long.

But dont let that worry you.

People were spending thousands a couple of years ago on fridges with overclocked components in that you can now get mainstream in the low hundreds,will always be this way.

Yours isnt to that extreme so enjoy what you can afford.

Thanks everyone. I will check my bank balance and then go crazy - no regrets

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