Have I been ripped off? Please, really need some advice.

  AndrewMont 11:26 21 Dec 2013

I had a computer under carefree warranty from palicomp, I recently bought a component bundle from them - 4770k OC @ 4.2GHZ with a Contac29 ThermalTake cooler 8GB Crucial Balisitiks RAM with a carefree warranty on those components to upgrade my PC. However it was my first time installing something like this and I made a mistake but after a call to their support I finally got my computer working then I turned it off to put my graphics card in and I had the same problem as before (computer wouldn't start at all but standby light on motherboard is on) so I phoned again and once the guy found out it was a winpower 650w PSU I had (very cheap) he said that putting the graphics card in pushed it over the edge and it had blown so I'd need a new PSU to be able to run my setup so I've just had to fork out another £80 to get a 750w x-viper PSU. Also I feel its worth mentioning that before I bought this bundle I did phone them up to ask if my PSU was capable of running the setup I wanted and the guy said that it was.

I would really appreciate if anyone could maybe help me out with this situation. Have I been stupid and let myself get conned, being under a carefree warranty I feel like I'm 'caring' a bit too much. If so should I try and file a complaint to maybe get my new PSU sent for free. Or is it just bad luck and should I just swallow the misfortune and wait for my new PSU and then hopefully everything should work as expected.

  SANAP 16:17 21 Dec 2013

you have to give a lot more information, like when did you buy the computer? did you buy the psu later yourself? when you rang to ask about compatibility re graphics card did you the psu, ie power and model no.? what is the make of the graphics card? that new psu is 60 in amazon. what mistake did you make?

explain a bit more and why were you upgrading yourself if you were not sure of what to do?

ripped off means you paid a lot more for an item than you would have elsewhere? that psu you currently have is it still working? if so ring manufacturer.

so more in please/ .

  Forum Editor 16:23 21 Dec 2013

This is a cautionary tale of the way that an apparently simple process can turn out to be a bit of a nightmare.

You say that "I did phone them up to ask if my PSU was capable of running the setup I wanted and the guy said that it was." but unfortunately you don't have any proof of that - it is likely to be your word against someone else's. It is certainly worth contacting the supplier about that phone call,on the off-chance that someone will remember it, or that it might have been recorded.

I wouldn't bank on it though. You may just have to bite the bullet and move on.

  AndrewMont 17:01 21 Dec 2013

The graphics card is a radeon 7770, i bought the computer two years ago with a carefree warranty, the only thing i changed was the graphics card to the 7770.

I was upgrading myself because i want to learn how to do it and to save money. it would've cost £60 to send it to them to get it installed.

Is the psu you i have working? Well the guy on the phone said it had blown out however I'm not 100% sure if it has because the motherboard standby light is still on when I put power through it.

I am thinking I maybe just need to bite the bullet and move on however I would like to know if my PSU has actually blown out or not as the motherboard light still comes on implying that maybe it hasn't.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:19 21 Dec 2013

The Winpower 650w PSU is an extremely cheap unit, just £22.50 on Amazon. It is possible that it simply cannot deliver the claimed output. Cheap power supplies have a habit of proving themselves to be a false economy, frequently short-lived.

I learnt the lesson the hard way myself, a few years ago.

  spuds 21:33 21 Dec 2013

If you want to test if the psu is no longer working, then there are a number of video'e on YouTube which will show you how to do checks with a simple test meter. But be warned, you are playing around with electricity here, so you must be extremely careful before thinking about conducting any testing yourself.

Another simple method, is to purchase a simple PSU tester from eBay for about £2.50 delivered, providing you can wait for upto three weeks for delivery from China/Hong Kong. You can buy the same units from Maplins in the UK, but are they considerably much dearer.

  rdave13 22:31 21 Dec 2013

Worth a read. However some cheap PSU's will run fine for a few years depending on how you use the Pc. The usual applies, though, by cheap buy a new motherboard also. :(

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