Has PC World tried ripping you off?

  visalia 20:15 17 Oct 2005

After many discussions about which scanner to buy, my wife and I decided to get an all-in-one Lexmark X2350 thingy, we weren't too pleased with our Epson C44UX anyway. So we walked around the store several times to find them as far away from the printer section as humanly possible? and proceeded to the check out. We were informed that we should buy an ink cartridge because the one supplied wouldn't last long as it was for demo purposes only. We declined and said we'd get one later. Then we had the whole "Would you like our extra special stupidly expensive extended warranty offer?" several times over, before they realized we weren't born yesterday! Got home and set it up and amazingly, it had a full ink cartridge. Looked up reviews of the printer in question on the net to be greeted with loads of good comments about it. Good job we're not thick as two short planks, otherwise we'd have forked out £35 extra for nothing. They tried the same sales pitch when we bought our E-Machines 3260 back in May too. Unbelievable.

  kbo64 20:43 17 Oct 2005


Previously, I bought a printer from their website as it was very keenly priced.
When I phone to check availability, I'm informed they have loads. I order straight away. I later find out that their stock has vanished. The £10 delivery charge that comonly effects 24 hour delivery did not do so.

No apolagy was forthcoming during the week that I was pacing up & down


  sharkfin 21:27 17 Oct 2005

I dont think pcworld has done anything to rip you off. Usually printer manufacturers provide only printer ink for demo purposes. i.e half filled cartridges and it will show as full when you come to check it. You will later find out how quickly you'll use up the ink. The full retail ink cartridges will last much longer.

'Forked out £35 for nothing'. You'll still end up buying the same cartridges anyway once the demo one finish. Would have been better for you to buy it there and then to save yourself another trip to PCWorld.

  ventanas 22:23 17 Oct 2005

In all the years I have been using PC World, both on the business and retail side, I have never known them try to rip me off. And they are probably right about your Lexmark cartridge. It may look ok, but Lexmark do do this. Their printers are always very cheap, to the point of almost being disposable. Its the cartridges that make the money for them.

  g0nvs 22:27 17 Oct 2005

A polite but firm "no" is all that is required when declining the salesman's offer to sell you an extended warranty.

  josie mayhem 23:35 17 Oct 2005

It's not the sales technique that I find very irritating, but it's the way they handle stock and it's control.

Problems; Products either having no price tags on the shelve,or having several differently priced tags for the same product and then to find that they are almost impossible to read.

How many times that I've chosen a Item and then taken the box or inquired, only to find out that in fact it's out of stock. When you ask when will it be coming in? they can't tell you that, not because I'm asking the wrong person. But pcworld do not let individual stores put in a request order for replenishment of stock, but head office decide what they think will sale in any-one store and that is dispatched to the store, they find out what they've got when the delivery lorry turns up....

When I brought my new printer last month (a emergency purchase rather than leisurely choose)I tried pcworld, but when I choose what suited my budget and needs, guess what? you've guessed it! It was out of stock!!!!! In all there was up to 20 different printers and all-in-one's, and out of these there were only about 3 models that they had in stock (it seemed to be the more expensive ones) and they one I choose had actually been discontinualed.... And not one tag/sign to let you know, that the Item you are considering isn't available, as it did in staples the next shop I tried for my preferred printer.. Very helpful and time saving...

  Forum Editor 00:12 18 Oct 2005

like this. Nobody has tried to rip you off at all - most printers do indeed come with a special demo ink cartridge, and as sharkfin points out - you'll be buying another cartridge soon enough anyway, so you might have saved yourself another trip.

As for the "....extra special stupidly expensive extended warranty offer" that's not something that's particularly unique to PC World - all big retail outlets try to sell those. All you have to do is politely refuse.

You used PC World because they were convenient (you've used them before, after all), and you got the machine you wanted. It's working well, and you seem pleased with it. Why waste space complaining about something that isn't really a problem?

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