Has anyone telephoned Ebuyer recently....?

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 06:36 31 Aug 2003

I have just placed several online orders for a couple of systems I have been putting together and due to forgetting my password on Ebuyer and using another account my order was stoped as my card could not be used on two accounts. (Secruity measures).

Taking a very deep breath and lining up two packets of fags, a thermos flask of coffee and a commode I decided to call them. Obviously, I expected to be held in a queue for hours and then be cut off or worse, talk to someone who could not help and give me another number - you know, the usual with online retailers.

However, I placed the call at 11:30 and it was answered by a very pleasant lady within three rings (Yes THREE RINGS), two minutes later problem solved, password reset and back up and running with the order - great!

I dont know what they have done or whether its the feedback from Forums like this but I can certainly say that the customer service has vastly improved since I last had cause to call them. Lets hope it continues!!

  rioboy 07:45 31 Aug 2003

I had exactly the same response a few weeks ago when I had to ring with the same problem as you Smiffy99.
But even more amazing was a new e-note I received from them last week. They were letting me know that they had refunded my credit card with my postage charges for some goods that I had returned 3 months ago!! I'd already had the refund for the faulty goods within 2 weeks of returning them but I never thought I'd get the postage back as well. I hadn't bothered asking for the postage back, I'd just written it off.

  rickf 08:51 31 Aug 2003

I did not get my postage back just the refund for the goods which arrived DOA. However, I did forget to ask for it. The postage was £7 for a dead wieless keyboard and mouse. They did send me an e-note about the refund. Perhaps I'll get a suprise in the post although I would'nt hold my breadth. Service was generally ok, I thought.

Glad to see that I am not hte only one then....

When will online retailers sit up and take notice that although the prices they offer are absolutely fantastic, and simply cannot be repeated ont he high street, the service is awfull.

For a company (Whether Dabs, Ebuyer, Simply, Scan - I have used them all and many others) to really clean up service like this would bring droves of customers to them. Great prices AND service and they would soon end up with a situation like crucial where consumers just dont think to go anywhere else.

Best of luck to them.

  Forum Editor 12:26 31 Aug 2003

so I'm especially delighted to see these positive comments.

  spuds 12:56 31 Aug 2003

These are the sort of post that will entice customers away from the not so customer friendly retailer.And a good thing too.It proves that if the retailer listens long enough to its customers, things can, and will improve. I personally am fed up with the old constant appology, that the computer and retail industry are working on virtually a non profit margin, that the customer should expect poor customer support.This sort of posting, proves that cheaper prices and good customer support service can go hand in hand. Let's hope it remains, and others will follow suit.

  Forum Editor 14:45 31 Aug 2003

I agree to a large extent. Nevertheless, computer and computer hardware retailers often do operate on very low gross margins - the result of fierce competition - and that's a fact. It's no reason why customer support should be abysmal of course, but anybody who reflects for a moment can realise that you can't have it all - rock-bottom prices and top-rate customer support tend to be mutually exclusive.

"......cheaper prices and good customer support service can go hand in hand" as you say, but sales volumes need to be fairly high before that happy combination applies. It's simple economics. I can hardly afford to provide a full-blown customer support service if I'm selling twenty printers a week with a gross margin of £10 a printer. Rack that sales figure up to 100 printers though, and things get a tad easier. My overheads stay about the same, so there's more to spare for customer support............you get the picture.

I totally agree with you FE, and that is just my point!

The fact is that online retailers, especially Dabs and Simply, constantly bombard me with brochures and leaflets etc and this must be a considerable cost. To my mind, there are four "Big" players (Dabs, Ebuyer, Simply, Insight with many other large but not "big" such as Scan, Watford etc) If one of these companies took the bit between the teeth and concentrated on customer service pretty soon their sales would increase suffciently to mitigate the extra cost of good customer service and as the word gets round so more sales. It would take the others a while to realise what had happened (and why)and to catch up. It seems to me a great opportunity to capture a large share of the market - maybe that is exactly what Ebuyer has done?

Lets wait and see, but at last, online purchasing at internet prices might at last be maturing!

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