Has anyone got a Medion MD 2552 laptop?

  rickf 23:13 01 Aug 2003

I have just bought one and would like to compare notes as I can't find any reviews anywhere apart from the one in ComputerActive in June, I think.

  Gaz 25 23:21 01 Aug 2003

Do a search on google, it might help.

  rickf 10:11 02 Aug 2003

Have done that with little result. Just wanted to find out other's experience. I am well pleased with it. The nVidia M 64mb ddr go graphics is well up for games. The 15.2 widescreen is fabulous for DVDs. With 512ddr, pc slot, sd/mmc slot, dvd/cdrw,p4 2 mhz and an independent media centre to the side that allows playing music w/o starting windows is great. The pad is v. good too.

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