Has anyone ever had a modem work first time???????

  Murray 23:25 15 Jan 2003
  Murray 23:25 15 Jan 2003

This may seem like a strange quesiton, but it occured to me the other day after building my 6th or 7th PC. Installing a modem is probably one of the simplest, cheapest, and most likely upgrade to a computer (after RAM possibly).

Yet in ALL my experience I have never had a modem simply 'Plug and Play'. There's always some problem like it cant find the driver, or windows can't detect it. I don't think I'm cursed, they all get working in the end, but wouldnt you think it would be easier to install....

It's not really a quesiton, but I just wanted to hear other people's views, just to keep my sanity. I'm not losing it already am I?

  Stokey 23:53 15 Jan 2003

Don't worry, you're sane (prolly). They ARE a pain. Until last week I've never had one work first time either. I thought it was just me lol.

  Migwell 00:09 16 Jan 2003

Was going to keep quiet, but! I have never had a problem installing modems.

My setup with XP Pro & ME before that had no probs. With any instalation of any modems.

  DieSse 01:07 16 Jan 2003

Most modems I install work first time, probably 80%. The others are usually odd types, for one reason or another.

  Revo 08:50 16 Jan 2003

I think it depends on the modem manufacturer/chipset

In the early days I used to go for the cheapest i could get, and had horrendous trouble trying to get them to work, but once you start buying branded names ie us robotics etc, they seem to install quite well.

However even the tricky modem installs seem a breeze compare to configuring an adsl router for the first time :)

  Elrond 15:51 16 Jan 2003

All mine worked fist time as well. Sorry!

  theone 16:09 16 Jan 2003

never had a problem with int or external modems. used 95/98 and 2k

  Murray 16:15 16 Jan 2003


I suppose it is random if a modem works first time and most of you seem to be lucky... plus I nearly always go for the cheapest, hardware modem.

  two00lbwaster 16:25 16 Jan 2003

may sound unusual but my install disk was scratched and thus i didnt have a 98 driver for the thing i then booted into win2k(in the days when i was crazy enough to do that kinda thing) and the modem was found by win2k installed a generic driver and i was off no problems at all with windows and i still use the same modem now for when im at work and away from my bb connection :(

  Tankus 19:27 16 Jan 2003

My Actel usb broadband frog just plugged in and went..............

One of the easiest installs Ive ever done...!

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