Has anyone bought an Acer E5 571 NX.ML8K.27

  Avodat 20:31 05 Nov 2014

I ask because it is sooooooo slow (this is 4th attempt to post on here - all others have timed out!

I have discovered that, in spite of what Acer's web site says, you cannot upgrade the memory or anything else because it is all a sealed unit!!! They have conceded that I could do it (although there is no way to do it), but if I ever did my warranty would be invalid.

Anyone taken this up this issue with them - if so, what was the result? For nearly £340 I thought some of the basics, as advertised by Acer, would be there.

  Avodat 20:35 05 Nov 2014

Sorry, model reference should have read NX.ML8EK.027

  Avodat 22:04 05 Nov 2014

Yes, I have, but not direct from Acer. The company I bought it from only showed a limited spec so I checked it out with Acer's spec which is where it says a maximum of 16GB. Based on the Acer spec I bought the laptop.

  Avodat 22:32 05 Nov 2014

It comes with just 4GB, which is really the bare minimum.

The key point is that it is not as advertised on the Acer site, because you cannot upgrade without losing your warranty but that caveat is not there. Had it been I would not have bought it.

  Avodat 15:39 06 Nov 2014

The business from which I bought it now tells me, in response to my email to them, that it is upgradeable to 16GB but you have to disassemble the key board and the motherboard from the base unit because the memory is 'tucked underneath the motherboard'.

How silly is that! Essentially they are saying that you can upgrade but only after the one year warranty expires and then you would probably need to pay someone to do it! That is NOT made clear in the sales blurb at all.

If I'd known that I definitely would not have bought it. Oh well - Consumer Protection Act will have to sort it out, me thinks.

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