Hard Drives

  GraemeD 19:18 05 Jul 2003

Getting away from Mesh for a while....
What do you think is the best deal - a single 120 Gb Hard Drive with 8 Mb Buffer or Twin 80 Mb Hard Drives ? I'm thinking about speed rather than storage space (obviously the extra storage is useful but.....)

  zanwalk 19:42 05 Jul 2003

Two hard drives must be better than one as you can use one to back up the other, a very easy way of keeping second copies of all your important data. I always advocate the advantages of two smaller HD's rather than one big one to all my customers.

  GraemeD 19:47 05 Jul 2003

Thanks Ray ! Thats the way I'm thinking !

  powerless 19:49 05 Jul 2003

Will you fill 80GB's worth of a drive? Let alone 120GB on it's own.

As rayburn types, use the other for backup or another Operating system. (or whatever)

Performance...Well I would say you would not notice a differene click here

What Motherboard? Two 80Gb Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 with 8Mb Cache in a raid config set to mirror - speed increase (Slight) and backup at the same time!!

  dazzling (work) 20:13 05 Jul 2003

smiffy 99 can you get that raid carryon to work i could not just got a load of 0 at boot up.

Yes - its quite easy and there are two ways of doing it -

First is "Proper" way and load Raid Drives while installing Windows. This was you would have both drives already in the system and set up. Windows will then be copied to the two drives etc. This is the better way but you have to make sure the floppy (press F6 to install...) is ready with the right files. Most often its the Text.setup file that is missing on the floppy (or cant be found).

The easiest way I have found, although not quite as "proper" is to simply load XP onto a single drive on a "normal" IDE channel. When you have XP loaded, install the raid drivers from disk.

After this, you can enable raid (In bios or by jumper or both) and place both drives onto the Raid channels. During boot enter the Raid utility manager and set up an array - Data on say Drive "A" will be copied to drive "B" and you would continue as normal.

  GraemeD 21:17 05 Jul 2003

Hey Guys, Why don't you start your own thread ?

  The Spires 21:18 05 Jul 2003

Get the biggest hard drive you can afford, I would't consider less than 200 ish now. Your 80s are going to look like floppy's in 9 months time.

  -pops- 06:32 06 Jul 2003

Get multiple drives of whatever size you want for the safety/backup reasons stated above.

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