Hard drive prices skyrocket

  [DELETED] 14:04 03 Nov 2011

Just purchased some 1TB & 2TB 3.5" internal HDDs weeks ago and now noticed the price for 1TB has gone by more than 200% while nearly 300% for 2TB ones.

Is it really because of the recent Thailand flood or else? click here

  [DELETED] 14:33 03 Nov 2011

Yup, well that's a good reason as any.

  [DELETED] 16:30 03 Nov 2011

It is largely down to the floods.

Production has halted in most of the manufacturers in Thailand, so there is now a severe shortage of drives. Asus reckon they'll run out in a month.

Many manufacturers also have basis in other countries in the APAC area, but they can't keep up with demand.

Once the waters recede all the equipment in the factories will have to be scrapped and replaced, because when you're making hard drive platters that require accuracy down to molecular level you can't use equipment that's been swimming in slime...

  SB23 17:46 03 Nov 2011

I've just replaced my hdd for just a little under £34 inc P&p.

When I went back to print off my invoice and to submit a review the same drive was £10 more. The same drive is now £80, but I had no idea that there had been flooding in these areas.

  [DELETED] 19:06 03 Nov 2011

Wow. The 1TB Samsung hard drive I bought about 3 years ago from ebuyer for £40 is now £212!. I wonder how long it will take this industry to recover. Hopefully not too long but if most of the equipment needs replaced then I fear it could be a while.

  spuds 19:18 03 Nov 2011

Looks like its going to be a case that memory chips had a few years ago. Daily price changes?.

  [DELETED] 19:21 03 Nov 2011

Having read the article, it says that 75% of the factories are in unaffected areas, and the price hike is due to irrational demand so it may not last too long afterall.

My thoughts do go out to the people living in these areas though. Their lives may take a very long time to rebuild.

  spuds 09:46 04 Nov 2011


You are being to optimistic, wait till the snow falls across the UK, and everything comes to an halt.

Perhaps we could learn a lot from other peoples major disasters. Japan as an example, seemed to have the answers?.

  Forum Editor 11:22 05 Nov 2011

We might think that from time to time we get bad floods in this country, but we're mere beginners compared to what the people of Thailand are facing.

Floods have affected 64 out of 77 provinces in the country, and over 10 million people have seen their homes inundated with flood-water. So far over 440 people have been killed, and that figure will surely rise.

Your hard drive will cost more because over 10,000 factories have been forced to close - that of Western Digital among them.

  Forum Editor 11:25 05 Nov 2011


Japan as an example, seemed to have the answers?.

Think again - the Japanese government's handling of the post-Tsunami situation has been called a disgrace,and there is considerable civil unrest. Many of the more remote areas affected appear to have been completely forgotten by the authorities.

  Aitchbee 18:10 05 Nov 2011

'Made In Japan' alway sounded better than 'Made In China'...to me.

When I look (carefully) at products made in China I always think...rubbish.

The word 'Democracy' does not exist in China.

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