Hard drive failed smart test

  TrickyRich79 15:16 23 Jul 2017

I purchased 2 500gb hard drives from my local CEX store. As soon as i got home i ran a SeaTools and checked the drives. Both drives failed the "smart" test which means they are prone to failure anytime soon and certainly don't want to use them in a PC to store important data!

I took them both back the following day but the store is refusing to refund me my money as the drives passed a simple Read/Write test!

What are my options as these are no good to me or to anyone else but the store doesn't care and neither does there online support team as they have also said if they passed the Read/Write test they are fit for sale

Cheers Tricky

  alanrwood 17:07 23 Jul 2017

Are you certain that failing the SMART test means what you think it does. I have had several that have either failed or not been compatible with SMART which have been OK for several years now. I am genuinely asking this question as it is a subject I have never really had to look into in any detail.

  alanrwood 17:08 23 Jul 2017

Also you say that BOTH fail which seems strange.

  TrickyRich79 17:14 23 Jul 2017

'Smart' is built into the drives itself. Any errors or unusual behavior of the drive will record data on the drive itself and then when you do a smart test it will access this data on the drive and say whether or not the drive passes the test. It's designed to let you know the drive is not performing properly and can be about to fail. Both my personal drives which I've been using for 3 years passed the smart test. It's not unusual that both failed really as CEX pay a lot less for products than selling them privately. So a lot of people will go to them when something isn't working as it should and hope they buy it rather than sell it to someone local and get hassle off said person when the product goes wrong. If you search 'smart test for hard drives' all the info tells you to stop using them if they fail a smart test

  Secret-Squirrel 17:39 23 Jul 2017

Tricky, UK consumer law applies to second-hand goods bought from a retailer too. The law say that they must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

However, yours is a difficult case because technically the hard drives you bought are working fine today. They will probably fail catastrophically sometime soon but I doubt that automatically qualifies you for a refund with a used product. Secondly, trying to get anyone at the second-hand store to understand the meaning of a hard drive's SMART status and act on it is going to be difficult too.

  rdave13 21:16 23 Jul 2017

I can't understand why you bought these drives from the seller if you knew what they sell on. They're cheap as chips on Amazon even the 3.5" drives. (link for suggestion only) and you might find cheaper at other retailers..

  qwbos 21:24 23 Jul 2017

A, hopefully, not too expensive lesson on the dangers of CEX.

  Menzie 22:30 23 Jul 2017

I have had a drive that failed a smart test once and it is still working 5 years on.

A HDD is something that I wouldn't buy second hand as you never know the life it had before you came along. It could have been ran a few hours or been on every day for years, etc.

Unfortunately it will be tricky to get CEX to admit fault here since they use a simple read/write test rather than the SMART test which you have used.

Perhaps the Forum Editor can offer advice on what to do in this instance.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:14 24 Jul 2017

I have had a drive that failed a smart test once and it is still working 5 years on.

Oooh err. A drive that's failed its SMART test can never be trusted and should be replaced immediately. If you don't then it's like continuing to drive a car that's failed its MOT.

  Menzie 15:22 24 Jul 2017

True, it was replaced immediately in my main system as the warranty was finished and relegated to life in my Media centre where it is used to store things that aren't critical.

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