Hard disk blunder their fault, my fault?

  [email protected] 19:35 30 Dec 2003

Hey guys.
I think I might be doing something wrong and am getting nowhere with support. They seem to think my two hard disks are set up in RAID array, although I didn't really expect it like this when i bought my PC. (I'd like to use both to be honest).

Can you tell me whether or not you think there are two hard disks in my PC by the info I've wrote below.

In Device Manager, clicking the '+' next to disk drives shows Maxtor 6Y080LO (nothing else)

4 drives are listed in the Disk Management section, these are:

Disk 0 76GB NTFS Healthy (system)

One of those is my external dvd writer.

I've been inside the case to look around and the IDE cable is connected to 4 drives (floppy, dvd rom, cd writer and...a hard disk). This hard disk takes up one bay.

They asked for the info above and I emailed them it but the reply I got back makes me think they didn't read my mail.

"Physically you will have 2 hard drives but it will only appear as one in windows... Some cd writing software will produce a virtual drive in order to allow CD writing functionality so you may appear to have more than one cd drive in My Computer & Device Manager"

Any help much appreciated cause I'm well and truely lost.


  ams4127 19:54 30 Dec 2003

They are correct in stating that the two drives, if set in a raid array, will only show up as one drive. I have two 80GB drives which show as one 160GB drive.

However, if you have opened your case and physically confirmed that you only have one drive, then I would say that someone, somewhere has made a mistake.

You don't mention the make of your machine but your best bet is to phone them and get them to send an engineer out.

  Forum Editor 20:12 30 Dec 2003

Hard drive inside the case then there's only one hard drive, and you don't have a RAID array. It's as simple as that.

As FE states, one disk = 1 Disk and you cannot have a raid array with just one disk!

Your IDE cables would have to connect to 1 x floppy, 1 x DVD Rom, 1 x CD Writer and TWO x Hard Disks. (Five devices)

Someone has made a "Mistake" as ams4127 suggests or simply pocketed a "spare" drive that you have been charged for. You did request TWO drives didnt you?

  [email protected] 23:13 30 Dec 2003

Hi guys, thanks for your input!
Yeah I paid an extra £50 to upgrade from a 120gb to 2x80gb. (it's on the paperwork too)

At first I emailed them to say I could only see 1x80gb in My Computer. They told me it must be in RAID array, I wasn't really happy with this and they said I should phone them if I wanted techy staff to talk me through turning them into normal 2x80gb disks.

My modem then died on me and I had to open my case up to replace it. It's then that I seen what looked like one hard disk. I emailed them my findings and they asked me some questions which I answered (those I mentioned in my first post)

Just incase I'm getting all my drives mixed up - and who wouldn't when wrestling with a dozen techy staff (none of whom seem bothered/aware of my complaint, just when you think you're getting somewhere, someone else answers your mail and doesn't have a clue). I've opened up my nephews PC which I bought from them a year or so ago. It clearly has 2x80gb hard drives which I've seen and am now familiar with. So, I'll be sending them a blunt email shortly.

and Smiffy99 you didn't just say someones pockeded my other hard disk!! :(

sod it, I'm hittin' the bottle!


  DieSse 23:20 30 Dec 2003

There should be no IDE cable to a floppy drive. This should be a narrower cable then IDE, and go to no other drives than the floppy.

Just for clarification.

  Mysticnas 03:11 31 Dec 2003

the 80 in the model name of your drive means it's an 80Gb drive, and the LO means it's 5400RPM or 2mb cache (correct me if i'm wrong).

"Maxtor 6Y080LO"

and if it is RAID 0 (stripe) it'll show up as 160Gb.

Just another thing... not sure, but i think maybe it's Serial ATA? in which case it won't have an IDE lead. but anyway...

follow the lead coming out from your Hard drive and see what else is connected to it.

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