Hand Drawing Software

  BBW 16:32 27 Jun 2005

Can any one recommend a drawing programme! Something easy like MS paint, but with added options.
I like hand drawing and have used them in my web site to illustrate.
I have used:
1. 'Paint Shop Pro 7,' horrendous for simple drawings.
2. 'Serif Drawplus 7,' wants to stop you drawing simply.
3. 'Ultimate Paint,' but will insist on doing it's own thing.
4. I have always used 'MGI Photosuite SE,' but it was taken over by ROXIO who do not support it, and since upgrading to WIN2000 it will not draw as before.
I have purchased each package , so don't want to pay up again for software I cannot use!

  Curio 19:04 27 Jun 2005

click here This should do you.

  DieSse 00:28 28 Jun 2005

Try the new trial of MS Acrylic - it seems very nice to me.

click here

  €dstowe 08:22 28 Jun 2005

You could try paint.net

Get it from click here

  BBW 10:28 28 Jun 2005

Hi Curio, DieSse,£dStowe,
Many thanks for your responses, I shall have a look and let you know how I get on! Best Regards, Brian

  BBW 19:51 28 Jun 2005

Hi All,
Curio, a little basic for me!
DieSse, I'm running Win 2000, the programme runs XP only!
€dstowe, looks very promising, can draw and edit photograhs, plus it will copy from clipboard to Paint.net.
Many thanks all
Best Regards, Brian

  Belatucadrus 17:45 29 Jun 2005
  BBW 07:24 16 Aug 2005

Many thanks for your suggestions 'Belatucadrus' 'Pixia' looks very promising. I have started to use 'Ultimate Paint' from a disc supplied with the mag. Layers don't get in the way, and it works very similar to my old paint programme, so no learning curves. It is also reasonably priced!

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