Halifax Contents insurance: Is this wrong of them to do?

  tomtu 20:32 24 Apr 2012

Hello guys its been months since ive last been on so i hope everyone is well?

Ok ive had a DellXPS730H2c computer that was involved in an accident in my home, i wasnt sure i was insured for the pc tbh & what made things worse it two month before i had just paid out £200 for a new graphic card...

Anyway Halifax had a courier pick it up and send it to the "Loss adjusters" who have written it completely off, tbh the report stated every bit of the pc was unusable which i very much doubt it? So Halifax have had me in touch with another company who basically figure out a replacement model, my pc's spec was:

liquid cooled 2.9Ghz Quad "Extreme" 8 Gig DDR3 ram GTX560Ti (OC'd 1 gig) Asus Zonar d1 sound card So it had some decent stuff in it & when i bought it the cost was £2800 wo years ago, The company responsible for replacing it have offered me a WELL under spec'd pc a HP work station type desktop which is not compatible to play Battlefield 3 which is what i used mine for, So i told them my pc was 8 gig and it had liquid cooling they said "Oh as regarding the ram we will have to look at offering you a better model then the one we have done But regards to the liquid cooling fans are better now a days so it would be a fan cooled system we will be offering??"?? Does anyone think they are trying to stitch me up? The company who did the report on my desktop have also told me that there was "No graphic Card present" in the base unit Grr so i am making a big fuss out of this as ive stated the graphic card WAS in the pc when it left this house via courier and it was boxed! Ive since emailed the directors and they are looking into this and where it has vanished too?..whats your opinion would you be happy for a fan cooled system and a much under spec'd pc? they are also stating a standard i3/i5 would be equivalent in terms of speed as mine but my CPU was labeled a "Extreme" type meaning Dell approved Overclocking of the CPU without affecting the warranty...My insurance is contracted as a "Like for like" basis.. Thanks guys

  tomtu 20:33 24 Apr 2012

OH btw ive found out it is insured for £2000...

  BRYNIT 20:06 25 Apr 2012

Your insurance as you say is like for like anything of a lower spec should not be offered/accepted.

Why not get a couple of like for like quotes yourself for your insurance company.

  tomtu 09:19 26 Apr 2012


Thanks for the reply thats a really good suggestion! one other thing which i think i have a point is that the CPU was a "Quadcore Extreme" which as you may or may not know was the top of the range chip then, Halifax's Loss adjusters have told me they are prepared to offer a quadcore i5 standard chip does anyone think i have a point or should i stand my ground with them as state i want the "Extreme" chip?

  spuds 12:23 26 Apr 2012

As been previously mentioned, get a couple of reliable quotes, preferably from a 'competent and vat registered' company or person, for a same specification machine. What you must take into consideration, is that things have changed since you made the purchase, and the value you paid, might not be the same value now.

The insurance company are only trying to regain some of their possible loses, so initially they will only make a lower refund, if they can, on your acceptance. Send them the actual specification sheet that Dell provided, if you haven't already done so.

Had it been other than an accident, then you might have had some help from a credit card or finance package provider, if you had purchased the machine that way.

  Forum Editor 13:27 28 Apr 2012

"get a couple of reliable quotes, preferably from a 'competent and vat registered' company or person"

I'll go along with the idea of obtaining competitive quotes, but being VAT registered isn't a measure of competency - it's perfectly legal to trade without a VAT registration, provided you don't exceed the turnover threshold.

  spuds 13:57 28 Apr 2012


The reason why I mentioned VAT registered, is solely because on the occasion's I have used Section 75, the finance company's involved, requested that I used vat registered people or company's?.

It might not be necessary, but the finance company's thought so?.

  Forum Editor 14:35 28 Apr 2012


I can't imagine why finance companies would require a trader to be VAT registered, there's nothing in section 75 that requires it to be the case.

  tomtu 20:09 29 Apr 2012

FE & Spuds, Thank you guys so much i appreciate your time, i have now looked into this they offered me a 6 core Phenom cpu with 1tb and 6 gig ddr 3, i told them this was under spec to the gaming pc i had, they looked into it and asked me what the CPU was able to overclock to at a stable speed i told them it was 3.8ghz which it was and he was typing all this down he then told me to simply forget the pc they had just offered me as its "Well underspecd" as he put it and they will look into either a higher gaming rig or a custom built pc, So i am now expecting them to contact me beginning of this coming week which will be intresting...

Thanks once again Spuds/FE

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