Half Height Graphic Cards

  bonkerlad 14:56 10 Dec 2007


Recently I purchased a new VOSTRO 200s machine from Dell which is basically a slim machine which needs half height graphic cards. I cant find any online or even after calling Dell they say they haven't got one. Any suggestions?

  Totally-braindead 15:35 10 Dec 2007

They are called low profile cards, the choice is very limited. Heres a very good one click here but it may be more than you are willing to spend, heres another click here and some others click here

What you need is a PCI Express low profile graphics card.

One warning. Any low profile card should fir and run ok but the more powerful cards might need a better power supply than you have so I would suggest going for one of the cheaper less powerful ones.

Can I ask what you want it for?

  Totally-braindead 15:35 10 Dec 2007

fir = fit sorry

  bonkerlad 03:26 11 Dec 2007

Hey thanks a lot. Those links are very good but now I am confused as to which one I should go for.
Basically I want the graphic card to play some games n stuff like Crysis, Fifa 08, Battlefield n Call of Duty, etc. Am not into designing or editing and stuff. Nothing heavy duty apart from playing a few heavy games. Thats all.

Much appreciate the reply though. Helped a lot.

  Totally-braindead 10:56 11 Dec 2007

For the likes of Crysis you really need a high end card and the likes of my first link the 8600GT is the best I could find in the low profile cards. It will run Crysis but you will need to lower some of the graphics options to get it smooth, to run it full pelt I think you would need something like a 8800GTS and they are very expensive.
I would look inside your PC at the power supply label and see what it is. Upgrading this if necessary could be a problem especially in a PC like this and the 8600GT needs a minimum of 300 watts.
I should mention here that Dell are bit weird where it comes to power supplies. They seem to use some sort of rating which is different to everyone else in the industry. They may label a power supply say 250 watts but it may be more powerful than a cheap 350 watts one. Don't understand this but this is what others have said.

Since Dell cannot supply you with a low profile card I would contact them and ask them if the power supply fitted in your PC, and it might be a good idea to tell them which one it is, and ask if it will supply enough juice for the graphics card.

  bonkerlad 12:12 11 Dec 2007

They aren't much of a help. They have a 0845 n 0870 number which are expensive and every time I call them they transfer me to different departments. I don't mind that but eventually, they end up saying they aren't sure as to what is the power supply or which card would be more suitable. The Customer Services n Sales guys are absolutely clueless!
But I cant wait anymore, I am ordering the Ratatouille edition card which link you've given to me and hope for the best.

  Totally-braindead 19:06 11 Dec 2007

Have a look inside your PC. There will be a label on the power supply itself that will tell you the rating in watts.
As I said Dell seem to have a strange way of rating their power supplies, someone said they use a mean rating, sort of an average with the result being that they supply more power than you might think. Other power supplys all use peak ratings.
Weird isn't it.
See if it works ok. If it doesn't you may need to change the power supply but since this is a slim PC I'm willing to bet its an unusual and not a standard power supply and if so, and it does need to be renewed then it might be differcult to find one thats higher rated.
To be honest you won't know till you try it and unless someone else chips in and has the same PC with a similar card I don't think you would know without trying.
If it does fail and bear in mind I'm looking at the worse case scenario as it might run fine, but if it does fail then remove the card, go back to your onboard graphics and while you are inside physically measure the size of the power supply and start another thread, then someone who knows about about power supply sizes can tell you what you need.

  bonkerlad 03:54 12 Dec 2007

I have ordered the card and should get it today itelf. Lemme try it now!
Also, instead of going through this again n again amean like I never thought I'd have to think so much b4 buying something, can't I just like change the slim cpu case to a bigger cabinet?
I went to pcworld recently b4 I bought this machine and I saw a cabinet for sale and I asked them if they assemble it as well. And they said to me that they can't assemble/dont know how to assemble it. Can't I just get it assembled from Dell itself? A bigger cabinet I mean?

  Totally-braindead 13:35 12 Dec 2007

No, really you would have to either do it yourself or get someone who knows about computers to do it. A cheap case would solve some of your problems but really as you have ordered the graphics card its mute really. You will have your new card soon and thats it.
Perhaps PC World technicians would do this but I think it would cost a fortune, same if you got Dell to do it, assumming they would and I don't think Dell would.

I would reckon for me to dismantle your old PC and rebuild it would probably take me 2 hours. If you got the likes of PC World to do it they would insist on supplying an expensive case and would charge all in probably £200. It would be after all maybe 2 hours of a technicians time to do it.

Its all down to cost. get someone who runs a business to do it and it would cost a fortune. Unless you know someone who really knows about PCs I would forget it and accept the limitations the small case makes.

Hopefully when installed it will run perfectly and you won't have to do anything else.

  bonkerlad 14:00 12 Dec 2007

you are right! They wont do it and if u ask their technician, he'd charge a bloody million I suppose! ;)
Anyways mate, thank you so much for your help!
Appreciate that

  Totally-braindead 14:03 12 Dec 2007

No bother. Perhaps you'll do the same for me sometime when I have a problem and you know the solution. Thats what the Forum is about. The longer you are here the more you learn and then you can help others out.

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