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Had a Smart Gas Meter fitted?

  Graham* 19:32 06 Dec 2016

The engineer said I would have to get a larger housing fitted for a Smart meter. Who would do that and would I have to pay?

  Govan1x 20:22 06 Dec 2016

I would imagine up to the gas meter should be the gas suppliers problem.

They changed my gas pipe and gas meter from the road and because the pipes were old and were doing everyone house on the street.

Obviously no charge to the householder but did notice that the pipes were to broad for the meter to fit so they just added a flexi type of pipe to join it up. It took no time at all to do it.

If they want to put a smart meter in without you ordering one they should not charge you.

I am only talking about my experience so do not know your circumstances.

  bumpkin 21:11 06 Dec 2016

I take it this is an external box.

  Forum Editor 09:52 07 Dec 2016

If you have asked for the smartmeter, it will be up to you to make room for it, if the existing space is too cramped - that applies to internal or external meters. Householders must pay for external wall boxes if they want meters to be fitted externally.

If your supplier has asked you to have a smartmeter you don't have to accept, but if you do, you should not be expected to pay for a new wallbox - you can refuse, and the meter may not be fitted.

If you decide to fit a new wallbox, you will have to pay for it, and you will have to get it fitted. The supplier is not liable for that.

  Forum Editor 09:54 07 Dec 2016

Moved to Consumer Rights Advice from Speakers Corner.

  rickf 11:27 07 Dec 2016

What is the rush? Smart meters are far from perfect at present.

  Graham* 17:13 07 Dec 2016

Just had a word with my next door neighbour, he showed me his new meter in the same old box. So the Siemens engineer was wrong.

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