Guarantee on free gifts.........

  Tim1964 22:49 27 Nov 2009

A hypothetical question really,

If you receive a free gift(electrical item for e.g.)when buying something and the free item develops a fault. What happens about the guarantee/warranty?

Would the supplier take the line that as it's free you have to buy the item again.

Just a thought.

  Joseph Kerr 00:48 28 Nov 2009

They may, but they shouldnt, the item should be free of fault like any paid for item.

Whether it would be worth pursuing is a different matter.

  morddwyd 06:02 28 Nov 2009

Since the "free" offer is included in the purchase price of the qualifying item you have, in effect, bought it and should be entitled to the normal protection.

If any of those currently qualifying for a free Win 7 upgrade got a duff copy they would surely be entitled to a replacement?

  spuds 16:36 28 Nov 2009

Best to ask the retailer/seller, especially if its electical items, which would be covered by strict consumer law.

  Tim1964 17:10 28 Nov 2009

Thanks for the replies,

Thought that the SOG act must apply.

My wife has recently received a new mobile that came with a free XBox. The phone contract is with Orange but the phone did not originally come from them but from an online phone retailer.

So any issues with the phone or XBox will have to be taken up with the retailer.

  spuds 17:29 28 Nov 2009

Orange wouldn't probably want to know, because this would be a private deal between your wife and the retailer. A bit like some retailers who were offering cash, cash-back incentives, then went bust, and the telephone service provider's washed their hands of the whole affair.

You could ask Consumer Direct click here if there are any new regulations regarding these type of deals.

  beeuuem 20:51 28 Nov 2009

Watch the item some 11 minutes in to the clip - you have a full guarantee.

  beeuuem 20:52 28 Nov 2009

It always helps if you include the link :-))
click here

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