A growl about Tiger

  Kate B 17:09 04 May 2005

I know I'm not the only Mac user here, so a warning - if when you upgrade to Tiger (as I've done today) by choosing to wipe your hard drive and do a clean install, you will lose your iLife apps - they are not included with Tiger.

Grr, now I have to go and buy a copy of iLife 05 and the most irritating thing is that I only use iPhoto, and that only occasionally, if I take the iBook travelling.

  Johnnie_M 21:36 04 May 2005

Kate, have you tried popping the application disc in from your panther discs? I know that the macs always need to have their applications reinstalled after even a format as the machines install them when you first boot up.

  Kate B 12:43 05 May 2005

Yeah, I have tried that, Johnnie_M! It was the first thing I tried. The Apple message boards are full of people moaning about it ...

Apple is odd. Wonderful products and yet oddly mean in little ways - most of their computers only ship with 256MB of Ram, when OS X (whatever flavour) needs a half a meg to run properly; iPods these days don't come with the dock or remote; now this ...

  powerless 16:41 05 May 2005

When Tiger was installed I popped in the Panther disk and: click here

ixxxx all working ok.

  Kate B 16:50 05 May 2005

Hmm, I didn't get that option, Powerless. How annoying, still, I'm glad you managed to do it OK. How old is your Mac? Mine was bought about a year ago.

Been out and bought iLife now. Guess I can set it against tax, which is one good thing.

  powerless 17:39 05 May 2005

Mac Mini - Few months old.

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