Gripe about Avast 4.7 Home Edition

  Al94 15:15 10 Nov 2007

OK, I know it's a free antivirus which I've used for some time with no problems - however today without prior warning, I got a message to say that activation had expired after 14 months and I neede to re-register. Message said I was completely unprotected and I could expect a response to my re registration within 24 hours - in the meantime I have no antivirus software running - surely thay could have pre warned about iminent expiry or is it a ploy to get you to purchase the full edition!

  Totally-braindead 15:21 10 Nov 2007

I know AVAST insists on you reregistering but the anti virus as far as I know should still be working. All that happens is you don't get the updates till the registration is through. Thats all, not a major problem.

Unless of course you are right and the anti virus is disabled.

I use AVG personally so have never had this.

  Cymro. 16:05 10 Nov 2007

I also use Avast and had the same message from them a few weeks ago. I assumed it was just a way of getting me to purchase the full version, but I followed the instructions and just updated the free version. I was able to do this with little or no problem and my system was soon up and running. I don`t remember being without protection for 24 hours.

  Nant 17:26 10 Nov 2007

Same here, I keep getting a pester screen and having to re-register although I have months left until the real expiry date. Avast's problem?


  Al94 17:55 10 Nov 2007

The email with the new registration number actually came through after about an hour and a half so all's sorted. I did get a pop up in red saying I wasn't protected till I re registered, maybe they meant new updates.

  Clapton is God 20:05 10 Nov 2007

"maybe they meant new updates"


The program will still continue to protect against viruses but won't allow you to download new updates until you re-register.

The free version of Avast makes it perfectly clear that you will be expected to re-register every 12 months - to my mind just a minor inconvenience for an excellent piece of free software.

  Stuartli 11:26 11 Nov 2007

The initial registration period with Avast! is 60 days - by registering immediately after first installing it you get up to, IIRC, 14 months' protection.

This is retained even if you install a new version in between registering and the expiry date.

If and when you renew your registration, be sure to tick the box for Personal Use only, otherwise you won't get sent a new registration code...:-)

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