grey imports/warranties

  [email protected] 14:47 01 Jun 2003

Hello :)
I've come back off holiday to find my latest purchase (from has finally arrived after weeks & weeks of waiting...a gorgeous External Sony DRX500 dvd writer :) I was just about to try it out this morning when I noticed the warranty card...They've sent me an Austrailian model :( They said nothing about this in their 'daily' emails to me regarding ordering/delays/more delays/shipping. I can't register it, What am I gonna do if it breaks down or worse...doesn't even work.

Thanks for any help

  Piggy,Piggy 15:17 01 Jun 2003

Send it back, demand a UK replacement

  sgtdibble 15:45 01 Jun 2003

I agree with Piggy,Piggy grey import stuff big

  krall 15:47 01 Jun 2003

[email protected]
As you purchased the dvd writer in the UK the warranty is covered by the retailer ie Any complaints should be directed to them. I never fill in registration cards. It always help if purchases are paid for by credit card as this gives one extra cover in case of any problems.

  spuds 19:33 01 Jun 2003

Take this matter up with Watford. Your purchase will be covered by the Sales of Goods Act.Watford are responsible, should this item fail.I have purchased many things which have been manufactured in far away lands,[just check your own computer] but the warranties sometimes have 'local' company, who represent the manufacturer.

  [email protected] 20:02 01 Jun 2003

Okay guys. I'll give Watford a break, I did use my Mastercard to pay for it too, I'll email them anyway just to see that I'm covered if it breaks or anything :)

Thanks for your time guys

[email protected]

  [email protected] 21:35 12 Jun 2003

Just a little update.
Watford emailed me a few days ago with an apology. They said they would check to see what happened with their suppliers and also said they may have to replace it at some point (so I'm not using it :( incase it has to go back)

I was thinking since this is an Austrailain drive, I'm going to have to use up one of those region changes just to get it to play UK dvds (Austrailia = region 3 I think?)

[email protected]

  ajm 22:19 12 Jun 2003

There is a problem at the moment in obtaining these Sony DVD writer drives from channels in the UK.

I myself have ordered fro friends and clients nearly 30-45 of the DRU510AX drives from the UAE and Malaysia.

Even though they were bought from abroad, the sony warranty regitraion is covered world-wide.

  Forum Editor 22:57 12 Jun 2003

there have been reports of people experiencing problems with Sony 'world-wide' warranty claims.

Sony Europe and Sony America trade as separate entities, and I have heard of one company refusing to accept warranty claims on a product supplied by the other.

  OldBaldy 01:23 13 Jun 2003

Get watford to put on letterheaded paper that they will support your drive - you can't use an email as proof, should the need arrive, they're just too easy to fake - just a suggestion - you've spent your money, you want to be covered...

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