"Grey gamers" helping to boost sales.

  TOPCAT® 14:42 03 Dec 2003

Well, you either love 'em or hate 'em, but I've must confess some are great fun. Not reached the addictive stage yet but my TV watching has certainly declined.

Now, how do you get into this multiplay thingy ...?? :o)) TC.

click here

  sil_ver 14:46 03 Dec 2003

Not just me them :-)

  IClaudio 17:23 03 Dec 2003

wot, 'grey gamers'? ;)

I'm going to be picking up my free bus pass in a couple of years, and I spend much of my free time sniping horrible 14-year-old Americans with names like B33tmup...

I'm addicted to online games, but I have the disposable income to buy the games and then sit for several hours a day at the business end of a virtual gun. How these teenagers find the time, I don't know <mutter mutter grump>

I love multiplayer games, and although my trigger finger isn't as 'twitchy' as some of the 'youngsters' and I die a lot, I find that experience counts for much, so I can watch the other players 'bunny-hopping' around and then place a well-aimed shot between their eyes from my distant vantage point. It gives me a nice warm feeling....

Call of Duty is a great game if you prefer to sit in the trees above the action and take the occasional potshot, and Medal of Honour is great for frenetic hand-to-hand mayhem. Battlefield 1942 is for the team-player, while Halo is just beserk fragging from beginning to end!

Most of my friends think I'm wierd, because otherwise, I'm perfectly normal and respectable - actually, I don't admit my gaming obsession to most people!

Hope to kill you soon :))


  sil_ver 18:36 03 Dec 2003

Great minds etc.......... my bus pass started 6 years ago

  sil_ver 22:46 03 Dec 2003

Cheats make themselves pretty obvious and finish up as billy no mates

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