Great Support from Mesh

  Bleep 13:08 29 Dec 2004

Just having finally restored a friends PC from a nasty suspected Virus which led to the Windows Partition becoming corrupted I must give some praise to Mesh.

On trying to re-install Windows XP using the recovery disk, teh installation was failing due to the HDD not being detected, fearing the worst I called Mesh.

My call was answered within 5 mins by a very helpful tech, I advised hinm of my serial number and the problem that I was having with the installation.

The support guy straight away identified the Machine had a SATA HDD and that it was not being detected in the Installation, he the explained that I would have to use the F6 prompt during the installation to load the third party drivers.

The tech guy the looked them up for me on the asus website, emailed them to my laptop and then talked me through making a driver boot disk with the files that I would have to use at the F6 prompt.

He waited with me during the whole process to ensure it installed fine and answered with real knowledge all of the questions that I through at him and displayed excellent product knowledge in regards to the particular machine I was fixing.

He then answered a few questions regarding a SP2 fix for AMD64'S and emailed me the fix to assist me on my way.

All this in under 20mins and on the free to use tech-support line, very happy.

  accord 17:46 29 Dec 2004

hurray, finally a good thread on Mesh.

Glad to hear that all is well on your Mesh. Im sure you will now find it a dream to use like mine.

My 2 year old Mesh is a dream to use, recently reformatted due to loads of unwanted progs etc etc and am not looking to replace until 2006 at the least.

BTW: I have no alliance to Mesh.

  g0nvs 18:39 29 Dec 2004

Always nice to hear of good support. Sadly this is not always mentioned, only the poor support gets good coverage.

  Sans le Sou 21:16 29 Dec 2004

If there was a bit less "poor support" then there would be a lot less coverage of the subject.

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