Great offer on Counterspy antispyware program

  Totally-braindead 11:33 25 May 2007

I just received this click here an offer to get Counterspy V2 for only $9.95.
Now I used this product before and found it to be good but decided to go with the free products but in view of the price reduction I'm reconsidering.
I mean it works very well and thats only about £5 for a year.
Still haven't made my mind up but its worth considering as it does work well and its a good price, I think the FE uses it too on his Vista PCso its Vista compatible.

Just thought I'd pass it on, the offer only runs till June so you have to time to have a think about it, you could even try a trial for a couple of weeks before purchase if you want.

  Totally-braindead 11:36 25 May 2007

Just had another look its supported by Vista 32 bit only.

  Totally-braindead 18:39 26 May 2007

Tempt anyone?

  Ancient Learner 16:53 30 May 2007

I had, and still have Counterspy.
My sub ran out, so I bought a 3 year sub, got the v 2.
But it does not like Messenger, a pop-up says it has an unknown programme, and then locks the PC solid. This is when 'Active protection' is enabled. Without that it works OK but of course without its full potential.

A long and arduous series of Emails with Counterspy, eventually produced an admittance that there was a problem of incompatibility with Messenger, and that they were looking for a way around the problem.

  iscanut 21:21 30 May 2007

I have used Counters[y for some months now and have never had any problems at all, even with Active protection. Messenger is fine. Am using Version 2 with latest updates.

  Ancient Learner 11:37 31 May 2007

Thanks for the comment Nuts.
I have just tried it on my Laptop with exactly the same result.
Clearly, as seems normal these days, if there is a possibility of a problem I get it, where other people have no trouble at all.

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