Grapphics cards are way overpriced don't you think

  rickf 20:39 01 Aug 2003

A top end Gfx card costs more than a pc base unit. Its a joke and who is being ripped off. It's the hype that gets people going.

  [DELETED] 22:47 01 Aug 2003

The 'experts' will say that the price reflects the R+D costs which is fair enough but I tend to look at what spec the latest game requires and often, if not always, find that a 64Mb card is enough. If this is the case then what is the point of buying a 256Mb GC, save for future proofing of course(what ever that means in real terms).

It always amazes me that years after the Playstation came out it is still possible to buy the latest games and run them on the original machine,

So, is it the case of the game makers are pushing up the spec of the GCs or is it the cards dragging up the game specs?

  [DELETED] 22:57 01 Aug 2003

both....they go hand in hand creating more revenue. AGP 8x, DX 9, TI4800 etc etc all is hyped but I have not found a game that test my system fully..the card is only a gf 4 mx440 64mb but boy does it work! would I notice a ti4600 improvement i doubt it as the dx9 and agp 8x function are still in their infancy.

  rickf 23:01 01 Aug 2003

To be cynical, I think they work in tandem so that the show can go on!WE are very often caught up with the excitement, like kids with new toys. Even if the box looks different from the last, its more attractive. The price of these things compare to that of M/B is outrageous.

  [DELETED] 23:24 01 Aug 2003

Ditto AMD 4 ever.

Might buy a Radeon 9800 in eighteen months when there £50 :-)

  [DELETED] 23:25 01 Aug 2003

Everything is on the up at the moment I think.

  [DELETED] 09:33 02 Aug 2003

I have long been convinced that the prices charged for items bear little relationship to production costs. The criteria seems to be, "how much can we get away with charging".

  rickf 09:49 02 Aug 2003

Given the news that JJB and others have been fined millions by the OFT for maintaining extremely high prices for sports shirts I begin to wonder if there is also a cartel here operating to maintain artificial pricing. Am I too suspicious?

  [DELETED] 10:21 02 Aug 2003

"I have long been convinced that the prices charged for items bear little relationship to production costs."

And why should it? It has to take into account research and development, sales costs, volume sold, fixed overheads, manufacturing investment in new production facilities (especially with new technologies), etc.

And even then, by what immutable law do you think that the price of anything should reflect the cost of production?

  [DELETED] 10:32 02 Aug 2003

rev.bem has the right idea...wait for the card you want is affordable then buy...It is like o/c do they really notice the speed gains??? or is it the expectation of their mind that tricks them?

  powerless 11:24 02 Aug 2003

Well as GFX chips have more transistors then a P4...

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