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  donki 10:44 03 Apr 2006

Ok buying a nes graphics card as I bought a new computer with a 7300 GS which doesnt really cut it.

I have 3 cards whichim looking at all below £200, Pls advise me on wot u think.

1. GALAXY 7800 GTX PCI-E 256MB
2. EVGA 7800 GT 256MB
3. POINT OF VIEW 7800 GT 256MB

Are these good cards? I know nothing about these things.

Thanks in advance.

  keef66 15:26 03 Apr 2006

I doubt you'd notice any difference between the two GT's. The GTX is faster. They are all manufacturers at the cheaper end of the market, and here they tend to stick very closely to the Nvidia reference design.

Having said that, the 7800gt is a beast of a card; is the rest of the system able to do it justice? What kind of processor and ram do you have? What games do you want to play? Will your power supply be man enough for the card?

  chamoclafastic 15:31 03 Apr 2006

As said above if the rest of the spec is up to the job go for a 7900gt - faster speed for less money or even a 1800xt 256mb, all around the 200 mark. Much better value for money with these

  keef66 15:54 03 Apr 2006

just spotted in another post you have a new Mesh Titan GS, so the rest of the system spec is fine. A 7800 or 7900 should plop straight in. Enjoy!

I'd make you an offer for the 7300GS, but my mobos are both AGP.


  kiddgame2000 16:33 03 Apr 2006

Definatly a 7900GT

I am giving a lot of thought to replacing my old 6600gt with a 7900gt, the are about £100 cheaper than a 7800gtx and slightly faster.

Don't ask me why i'm still trying to work that one out.

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Thats the best price i can find and in my opinion its a bargin considering you will pay around £320 for a 7800gtx.

  TOPCAT® 17:49 03 Apr 2006

Errm, I think you will find that the nVidia 7800 GT is not quite as fast as the GTX. According to reviews I've read the GT's are the same chipset as the GTX but don't quite make the grade to become GTX. Here's an extract from the link below. TC.

I quote: "Therefore, what we have here is a GPU that has all the same features as the GeForce 7800 GTX except that it has 20 pixel pipelines versus 24 and 7 vertex units versus 8. The GT’s core clock speed is running at 400MHz versus 430MHz on the GeForce 7800 GTX and the memory runs at 1GHz versus 1.2GHz on the GeForce 7800 GTX. With the pipeline reduction and clock speed reduction, the texel (fragment) fillrate goes to 8 GigaTexels/sec versus the GeForce 7800 GTX’s 10.3 GigaTexels/sec. What this means to gamers is simply that the GeForce 7800 GT is a slower version of the GeForce 7800 GTX..."

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  DrScott 19:04 03 Apr 2006

THE graphics card of the moment is the Radeon X1900XTX.

Value for money though, the 7900GT is probably best - furthermore it's overclockable so you can squeeze out even better performance.

Having said that, you've really asked about the 7800 - this consumes more power than the 7900, and you'll get more out of a 7900GT for very little more money. I wouldn't bother with the 7800GTX unless you can get it for a *very* good price :)

BTW, which games aren't cutting it with the 7300GS?

  kiddgame2000 23:03 03 Apr 2006

Just by doing a quick search on google, the following are in order of performance from top to bottom.

1) 512mb 7900gtx = £369
2) 512mb 7800gtx = £494
3) 256mb 7900gt = £203
4) 256mb 7800gtx = £315
5) 256mb 7800gt = £196

Sorry i didnt include ATI but i never use them and know nothing about them thats not to say that you should avoid them because they make very good cards, its just a matter of preference.

As we can all see from the above the 7900gt is the way to go

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  donki 12:01 04 Apr 2006

Well I have a 19" widescreen monitor and first two games i bought ( Black and white 2, Oblivion and COD2 wouldnt run at my favoured resolution of 1440 x (cant remmeber). Il keep looking round and any more advice I can get will be great.

My comp is
AMD 4200+ x2
2gb RAM
250GB HD

  kiddgame2000 12:18 04 Apr 2006

Thats a pretty impressive set up.

I have a

AMD64 4000
6600GT 128

and it runs everything no bother but as i said above im really giving a 7900gt some thought.

If you have an SLI motherboard you can always add a second one in a year or 2 for added performance at quite a low price.

  donki 12:59 04 Apr 2006

Yeah, I upgraded the MB so i could do that. Well i got the EVGA 7800 GT there now off Ebay for £160 so Il let you know how it goes. One more thing for SLI do the cards have to be exact same make or just same spec?


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