Graphics Cards and Processor Upgrade

  Alien463 08:40 22 Aug 2003


I am a hardcore gamer and am looking to update my compaq presario 5000 model 5146ea pc to support the latest games.

Can anybody recommend or suggest any graphics cards that support directx 9 and which would be compatible on my system?

Also, can anybody recommend or suggest a processor that would be compatible with my system and which would be optimum for playing the latest games?

I am also not looking to spend too much money.

I have a compaq mainboard model number 0708h. More information about my system can be found here click here

Thanks in advance,


  pookie 09:03 22 Aug 2003


i can't say if these are compatible with your mobo but i recently went from 1.9 xp athlon, 64mb ti4200 and 512 mb ddr ram to 9700pro, 2.4 xp athlon and 768 ddr ram. ut2003 runs unbelevibly well in 1024x768, RoCW runs well in almost all resolutuions i've tried. funny enough the only game i can't really max the settings on at 1024x768 is MohAA. the 2.4 athlon is not top of range but with the 9700pro it flies.

hope this helps


  Bruce_Lee 12:09 22 Aug 2003

Your motherboard only has a KT133 chipset and an Athlon 1.3GHz processor, so it is unlikely that you will be able to upgrade the processor to anything that will really make a difference.

As it is a standard Compaq motherboard you will not have a fast enough AGP slot to use the latest cards. Most of the new cards are AGP 4x/8x and I yould guess (as it's not listed) that your AGP slot only supports 2x/4x max.

The only option you have is to buy a new motherboard, processor and DDR RAM (as SDRAM is too slow now). You will then be able to buy a decent graphics card.

Go here for cheap components:
click here
or here click here

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