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I'm on the point of buying a new desktop. Mainly used for work (lots of office and explorer windows open at the same time). I'm looking for a card that will allow me to have two TFT screens on at the same time with different windows in each. I'm probably going to be buying a machine with an nvidia Geforce board so what one do I need if I'm going to be able to do this?

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click here I think that's what you need.

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something like this?.click here

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Are there any cheaper models that have Twinview, that you know of?

For consultik's needs, a 7800 would be total overkill and very costly.

I have had a quick look on my usual first stop (Dabs) but didn't find any references to Twinview in relation to specific models.

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click here supports 2 monitors

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Thanks guys

ade.h's first link describes exactly what functionality i'm looking for, but I'm still unsure if this is now common functionality on the nvidia cards or something restricted to a very few cards. I'll go and check a few sites and see if i can find reference to twinview on the desktop specs.
I assume on the 7800 link that the key references were the dual dvi support and n-view? Is this what i should be looking for?

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Try a read of this,click here

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Thanks very much, just what i needed.

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