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  joebloggs1 17:38 03 Jan 2005

Got an amd athlon 2500+, 512 mb Ram,40 gb hard drive, self build. Very happy with it, but only got a Nvidia Fx5200 Graphics Card. Was happy with this and kept price down. Now my son plays lots of games including the latest ones. On one or two game (particularly Flatout) graphics hestitating. Thinking of upgrading to a new graphics card, but there are so many to choose from! I have always previously considered FX5200 to be adequate, but have no experience of others. Don't want to spend hundreds of pounds - any advice / suggestions?

  Rayuk 18:33 03 Jan 2005

click here
9700Pro is a good card for this price.

  Totally-braindead 19:25 03 Jan 2005

Suggest you look at this click here its worth looking at the rest of the article as the other benchmarks are there as well. Its a matter of deciding how fast you want to go without going to extremes, my card is a GeForce 5900XT not state of the art by any means but it runs everything (so far) without problems. The best one for aboout the £120 ish mark is probably the Ati 9800 Pro, Rayuks one is a reasonable compromise if you don't want to spend that much, its worth shopping about though to get the best price and I've had too much problems with non brand graphics cards I always buy a brand name now such as Sapphire, MSI (which I have) or other well known make.

  Bleep 13:51 04 Jan 2005

How much are you willing to spend ?:

This is a great card XFX N'VIDIA 6600GT 128MB £159.29 Inc VAT click here walk all over the ATI 9800Pro

This is also a great card MSI 5900 128mb (256bit) £110 Inc VAT click here

Or if these were all out of your price range the ATI 9600 offers the best low range performance in DX9 performance ' and that coming from an n'vidia fan!! : ATI 9600 128MB £55 Inc VAT click here

With cards with less than 8 pixel pipelines, below models ATI 9800 and FX 5900, dont get conned into buying a 256MB card as the cards have such a slow fill rate it want make the slightest difference 1-2%, better of buying a faster card with a better GPU.

  wags 17:56 04 Jan 2005

I agree with Bleep. Overclockers have some good prices - under £150 for 6600 GT cards:
click here

  joebloggs1 17:57 04 Jan 2005

Probably looking around the £100 mark - don't want to go as high as £150. But this is where the confusion clicks in. How much difference can you actually see between these cards, and the one I've already got? and what will be the difference between the two you refereed to - I am not really up on FPS etc.

  rickf 18:25 04 Jan 2005

My card is a 5900xt and runs everything my son throws at it including HL2 and Doom 3 etc.,The price of this card is reasonable now and I would recommend it.

  Bleep 18:43 04 Jan 2005

You would see alot of difference @ higher setting with a card costing £60 and even more @ £100.

You will be able to enjoy higher frame rates which will stop the pausing in your games and turn the details levels up also which in games such as FARCRY can really change you gaming experience.

The FX5200 and ATI9200 are considered non-gaming cards and really are slow cards.

With an upgarde to say FX5700 or ATI9600 £50-£70 you will get noticable improvements with you gaming experience, spend the £100-£120 and you will have a competent gaming machine FX5900 ATI9800.

In terms of you CPU its fine I have a AMD2500 @2.2Ghz with a 6800GT 256MB and it beats hands down a P4 3.6Ghz with a ATI9800XT: click here
reason being that the GPU does the work load during the game, this is not to say it's not important but nothing for you to worry about when spending less than £200 on a card.

If £200 is you limit that MSI FX5900 with 128MB(256Bit )@ £109INC VAT in my above post is great for your needs.

  Bleep 18:48 04 Jan 2005

My AMD 2500+ @ 2.2GHZ with a 6800GT 256MB
returns: click here

11,100+ in 3DMark03

5000+ in 3DMark05

3900+ in PCMark04

I play all games @ the highest settings with blistering frame rates 4XAA 4XAF, if you got a FX5900 or ATI9800Pro you also would get very good results, not as good as mine but good.


  simonp1 18:52 04 Jan 2005


For the money you want to spend the best card around is the 9700 pro....simple as that


  Bleep 18:55 04 Jan 2005

'Probably looking around the £100 mark'

The 9700 was a good card a while ago yes but better than a FX5900 ? Dont think so.

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