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  wednesday 13 21:09 14 May 2005

I recently purchased a new PC as my old one only had an 8mb graphics card. It is currently a back up and for now will be used for gaming. I don't know too much about graphics cards and as the old PC is currently for gaming, how much would a decent graphics card be and what should I be looking for?

  Ptisdr 21:47 14 May 2005

Hello friend,
You will be amazed when you decided to install your new graphics card,ive just installed a RADEON9250,i payed £69.00 for it,and my machine is running as sweet as a nut...Everything is so much better....If your running windows xp,this one would be a great buy,but they can very in price and quality...Either way,a graphics card is a must for all pcs...Gaming or no gaming....Take care.....All the best...Peter.......

  Bleep 22:37 14 May 2005

RADEON9250,i payed £69.00 for it !!!!!!!!!!

There only £29.99 tops,click here, you can get a ATI 9800Pro for £79.99 click here

If you want to play 3D games you need a graphics card but how much do you want to spend and how much of a gamer are you?

  wednesday 13 08:26 15 May 2005

I normally play around 3 times a week at most

  simonp1 09:33 15 May 2005

I guess it comes down to what games you play, what the spec of your PC is also. Not worth having a great GF card if your PC wont get the best out of it..can u list your specs please?

But their are some good options..

9800 pro...for around £80 - 100 is a very good card.

but this one plays the latest games a little smoother

6600GT......about £120..and really does the job, and for the money i think it offers great value.

Of course you can pay more..but maybe you dont it the extra performance or your PC might not be able to use it

  wednesday 13 10:50 15 May 2005

I'll take the 9800 pro as the higher requirement ones are only on the used on the new PC


  Ptisdr 18:27 15 May 2005

You seem to now fine well the situation with graphics cards then....why did you ask in the first place.?.....Would it not stand to common since...,the higher the price the higher the buy the £29.99 one and i will stick to the £69.99 one.....

  [email protected]@ 19:03 15 May 2005

Well said.

  Bleep 19:37 15 May 2005

the higher the price the higher the buy the £29.99 one and i will stick to the £69.99 one.....

If you paid £69.99 for a ATI 9250 frankly mate you got robbed....

  Cybermaxx 23:09 15 May 2005

I agree with Bleep, although his first post was completely over the top.

Wednesday, make sure your motherboard can accept whichever card you purchase (PCI, AGP or PCI Express).

  siliconbits 16:54 18 May 2005

check retekdirect for cheaper prices on R9700Pro

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