Graphics Card Fan Problem

  Praxis99 12:37 16 Dec 2004

I write about a somewhat nonsensical response from the supplier of my gfx card.

It seems the fan on my 9600XT is starting to fail (it makes a real racket at startup before steadying down to its usual hum).

The supplier has said they will take the card back and replace if faulty or I can buy an aftermarket fan (such as an Arctic Cooler) from them.

So in effect they are saying that they are happy to replace the card (which still retails on their site for approx £100-not in any way worth it by the way!) but they won't replace the fan, the aftermarket solutions for which cost approx £15 and I imagine the stock fan (which they say they have no supplies of)considerably less than that.

Upshot? I am going to send the card back, downsize back to my old MX420 and sell the 9600XT when I get it back.

  simonp1 12:50 16 Dec 2004

How old is the might be able to get the full amount back?

They proberly wont change the "Stock" fan as they wont have them in stock, and will just send the unit back to ATI for a refund.

If you really wont the card ask them to supply you an artic cooler for free...very easy to fit and much better fan, although you lose your warranity

  Praxis99 15:09 16 Dec 2004

This 9600XT is only 8 months old and was a replacement for a 9600XT brought in Jan this yr that failed.

To be perfectly honest I'd like to get shot of it since even working normally its by far the loudest thing in my PC and having overcome my brief flirtation with the world of FPS (Half life 2 et al)I don't really need for it since my old MX420 will do the job I require of it just fine (and noiselessly too).

The problem is I can hardly sell it while its fan is making such as racket at start up and will likely as not fail it time and I'd rather not spend £15-£20 quid on something I no longer want.

  PsiFox 15:20 16 Dec 2004

The arctic cooler is an excellent addon that allows you to overclock the card. Be aware however that fitting it invalidates any warranty. it is also possible if careless to destroy the GPU whilst attempting to remove the surround.


  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:43 16 Dec 2004

The reason they are happy to take the card back rather than send you the aftermarket fan FOC is that they can send the card back to their supplier for a full refund wereas giving you the aftermarket fan is a straight loss for them.
It's called business sense.

  simonp1 16:00 16 Dec 2004


Well ask them for a refund..if not how about a deal on a upgrade to a 9800pro..if they keep failing i wouldnt it either..

  Praxis99 16:14 16 Dec 2004


I think it unreasonable that I should take the loss in fixing a problem that is not of my making.

The solution I have been offered (to buy an Arctic Cooler) will invalidate the warranty on my card in the event that I make a mistake in fixing it (and there plenty of evidence out there on the web to show that while the Arctic Coolers may be excellent in operation they also do a fine job of trashing your GPU if not careful).

Given that is the case I will be sending the card back since I have no intention of taking the loss in this instance (the supplier has just emailed me my RMA number). I will then seek to offload the card as soon as possible on its return.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:31 17 Dec 2004


I agree with you fully - there is no reason why you should take a loss. However if they are prepared to swap the card for a new one you aren't really losing (unless you have to pay p+p)are you?
I wasn't taking their side - just explaining why they acted the way they did - if the card was faulty it's their responsibility to sort it out but it's not their fault.
You do seem to have been very unlucky with these cards - but it would be a shame to get rid of the new one and settle for something not as good.

  Mysticnas 10:33 17 Dec 2004


In general when i keep having a fault like yours for instance, i tend to bypass the middle man and get in touch the manufacturer directly.

This is with anything, be it computer related, domestic goods, clothing etc.

I once bought a pair of Timberland shoes in a sale. After 2 days of very careful wearing the right shoe started to tear a little. Splashing out on a pair of Timberland shoes, even on sale, can be quite expensive (almost like buying a top of the line graphics card and it breaking on you). I was suprised as Timberland are meant to be quite good.

The guys at the shop said they coudn't do anything because the shoes were on sale, they said i can go to another shop and get them from there instead but they won't give me a refund for the ones i bought from them.

So i found a phone number for Timberland, called proceeded to call and explain the situation. To my suprise the agent on the phone went all defensive saying it's nothing to do with them! I made sure i'd gotten through to the right department etc... but he still insisted that i "Give it a rest"... "look mate it's got nothing to do with us!!!"

I told him i didn't understand, as it was one of their shoes, and i've called Timberland customer line. He was just being very rude. In the end i left it to the fact that i was going to call trading standards, "Go on then, i dare you!" was his reponse. Unbelievable!!!

Instead of calling trading standards, i emailed the Timberland HQ in USA. Later that afternoon i recieved an international phone call from no other than Timberland USA! They apologised for my bad experience and informed me to send the shoes to a certain address for analysis. If the damage seemed like it was caused by me they would return the shoes. If the shoes seemed below par, they would replace the shoes and refund the cost of postage. I was fine with that.

Lo and behold... a week later i recieved 2 pairs of brand spanking new shoes from the new seasons line and a letter of apology!

  Mysticnas 10:34 17 Dec 2004

...good if computer companies did that?

send 2 of everything in return? :o)

  Praxis99 23:45 17 Dec 2004

Funny you should say that Mysticnas since when my card failed the first time the supplier tried to send me 2 cards, even rang me to ask why I had no accepted the second one!!, they weren't been over generous by the way they just hadn't realised they already sent me a replacement.

Just add that I asked about the possibility of a refund (partial - since I have used it) or a credit note to enable me to up spec to something better.

The response has been that since they no longer sell the Connect Radeon 9600XT they cannot do this but they will replace the card with something of equivalent or better specification.

So I'll be sending the card back but I have to say that other for the lack of duel monitor support I'd be more than happy to continue using my MX420 since its noiseless and does all I require of it.

Finally just like to add that the supplier, Overclockers UK, just like the last time I had a problem with the card, have been very quick in responding to the problem and offering to replace it.

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