graphics card comparison 7300gt / x550

  2drewej 18:12 29 Jan 2007

hi , my current computer has a ATI asus x550 256mb - it can handle most of the latest games on medium settings.

i dont want to spend more than £50 so i was thinking of this one - 7300GT PCI-e 128mb

click here

how much difference will there be between these cards and will the 128mb less memory make much difference?

tried 3dmark 05 and my current card got around 1400 marks , this one gets around 3400

My pc spec is - PD820 , 1gb ram


  sean-278262 19:17 29 Jan 2007

I would be dubious lookin at the performance posted on ebay as the guy uses an opteron aka a work horse processor. So that probably boosts the score hugely as the bench mark software used measures the system working on all fronts not just graphics.

click here

Oh and by the way it is cheaper to buy from there as the postage is more reasonable and they are the UK's biggest computer equipment seller. So you cant really go wrong. Ebay is something I tend to avoid.

  GaT7 20:02 29 Jan 2007

Comparison between a 7300GT & X600 Pro (which is better than a X550 I think) - many benchmarks to choose from.

I wouldn't go for anything that has 'LE' in it. 7300LE review click here. I think Creature of the Nite meant to link to a 7300GT instead? 256Mb 7300GT click here. G

  GaT7 20:03 29 Jan 2007

The comparison link click here. G

  2drewej 20:36 29 Jan 2007

thanks for replys, so it seems judging by the comparison that the 7300gt is much better than the x550/x600 in terms of fps?

the Galaxy 7300gt 128mb seems very good value at £33 inc p+p???

are galaxy cards recommended?

  GaT7 21:43 29 Jan 2007

From the comparison the 7300GT is much better is everything.

"the Galaxy 7300gt 128mb seems very good value at £33 inc p+p?" - yes, it does appear so. Could you provide a link please? How I wish I had a PCI-E system!

Galaxy Geforce 7300GT:

User review of the 128Mb version click here

Independent reviews of the 256Mb version: click here, click here, click here. G

  2drewej 21:45 29 Jan 2007

the link is in the original post - here it is again....

click here

  2drewej 21:47 29 Jan 2007

does anyone know how much difference there will be between having a 128mb and a 256mb card ?


  keef66 15:26 30 Jan 2007

next to no noticeable difference between 128 and 256 with these types of cards

  GaT7 17:34 30 Jan 2007

keef66, is probably right. I'd go for a new 256Mb if I wasn't going to bother upgrading for a long(ish) while, for the 128Mb if I was getting it for a good price & was going to upgrade again soon.

"the link is in the original post - here it is again...." - Thanks, I thought you meant a brand new one! G

  keef66 12:26 31 Jan 2007

Looking at the THG site the 7300GT is only a bit slower than my 6600 vanilla which cost me £60 last year, so if you can get it for that price is't great value for money.

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