this graphics card any good?

  lewis187 19:56 08 Dec 2004

click here

is this any good for a graphics card, for the price, to play up-to-date games, but i am not a hardcore gamer ! thanks for the opinions. any better offers anyone know of please tell me thanks

  lewis187 19:58 08 Dec 2004

oh and does it have texture & lighting etc, and all the other little things a graphics card should have?! thanks

  polish 20:06 08 Dec 2004

i have this card but it is a xfx 5700 and seems v good plays deusex 2 and painkiller with no problems both games released this year i paid £100 in april

  Kodan 20:06 08 Dec 2004

I have a 5600 which I assume is similar, and it is quite good, but I think you would be better off spending about 100 quid or so, as it would buy you a card more able to cope with the very demanding games that are the norm these days. (HL2, Doom3, Halo2 eventually, stuff like that)

  Totally-braindead 20:07 08 Dec 2004

Heres the webpage click here its ok for the money but its not top of the line but its good value at £50

  lewis187 20:12 08 Dec 2004

so what would u reccommend for £100 tht would handle the more demanding games? any links? thanks

  Starfox 20:45 08 Dec 2004

in one of my pc's.It will play all the latest games including Far Cry,Doom 3,half Life 2 etc at a decent resolution so yes it will be fine.
Add to this the fact that this card was over £100 just 2 months ago then it's a bargain.Go for it,I can recommend it.

  fourjays 21:33 08 Dec 2004

I would recommend my own card. It doesn't seem to have any problems with any of my newest games that I have chucked at it. While they are not the most demanding out there anymore, I think that with the current high performance, it would run alot of the newer games out now pretty well.

Its a Leadtek 128Mb FX5900 TDH XT. It was 7th in the PCA tables until the new cards all came out. I bought it for £180 in Febuary, but I think I saw it for around £100 online somewhere.

  fourjays 21:46 08 Dec 2004

click here Dabs - £122 for an FX5900 XT card.

click here Dabs - £110 for an FX5900 card.

click here PCW Component Centre - £128 (inc VAT) for the exact card i have got.

click here PCW Component Centre - £143 (inc VAT) for 6600GT card.

Hope those give you some ideas. I am tempted by that 6600GT myself. lol. Got to start saving up.

  fourjays 21:48 08 Dec 2004

If you want cards a bit cheaper than that, then have a look at the PCW Component Centre. There were loads of FX5700 (256Mb and 128Mb) for around £80.

  Starfox 00:57 09 Dec 2004

If your'e not a hardcore gamer don't pay too much for a graphics card,you won't notice the difference,honestly.
The PCW card will be fine.

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