Graphics Card

  Willxyz25 15:18 17 Mar 2004

Am looking to buy a reasonable priced (around the £100 mark, give or take £20) graphics card. With a bit of research i found ATI Radeon 9600XT. Any suggestions, places to buy? etc...

Also am looking to buy the lan wireless module for a shuttle xpc. Does anyone know where i can purchase this online. Found Ebuyer but with a delay of 30days+.

  tomleady 15:47 17 Mar 2004


they sell loads of stuff, and they seem very reliable.


  Totally-braindead 17:46 17 Mar 2004

Can't recommend Ebuyer. First 3 or 4 orders were ok but after that! Ordered 12 items, 1 was broken and 6 were faulty. Thanks to their E note return system it took about 3 months to sort it all out. Some people don't have problems though so perhaps you'll be lucky(don't hold your breath though). Shuttle list click here and click here as their UK suppliers, you could also try as they sell Shuttle stuff.

  Willxyz25 23:19 17 Mar 2004

Maybe i should rephrase the question, i am looking for a graphics card and was wondering if the radeon 9600xt is a good choice, compared to say the radeon 9600pro or the pricier 9700, 9800

  Colin 12:22 19 Mar 2004

The 9600XT will be a good card. I have a 9500PRO and am very pleased with it. Mine is a Sapphire make but I don't think the vendor's name matters that much.

  tomleady 13:51 19 Mar 2004

apparently Sapphire is better than other brands.

thats what i;ve read on loads of forums anyway.

so take it for what its worth

  bobry 20:43 26 Mar 2004

A zip file wont open ... it says I haven't a suitable graphics importer. Can someone tell me what will solve my problem. Im running win.98

  rickimalone 21:41 26 Mar 2004

Is the card for me out performs the ATI 9600XT in every area and keeps up with the ati 9800's:click here
To see it up against 9600xt see here:click here
This should help out:click here

Both cards are great and the 9800 are going down in price all the time, this should be of interest as you want to go for the best you can get to ensure maximum value for money.

  rickimalone 21:46 26 Mar 2004

9800PRO lite £156 INC VAT!!!!!!!!!!!!click here
Just remember you need to connect it to your motherboards power supply and not all boards can run it.
click here
For details on 9800 requirements and setup.

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